New Music Direct Catalog

I just received my new Music Direct Catalog in the mail. Man, these sure are NICE!

Music Direct must spend a fortune to produce these. I always eagerly await this catalog at this time every year.

Thanks Music Direct for a wonderful catalog!
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Kinda like looking at the toy section of the Sears Roebuck catalog around Christmas time when I was a kid.
I get a Music Direct catalog every year and each year is better than the next. Meanwhile I get 10 mailings a year from Audio Advisor and they are all crap.
Pray that they are not brought out by Amazon and the catalog winds up on Kindle.
As a printer,I can say that these do cost a fortune to put out. One can imagine the time and effort they put into getting these to you.The cost of high quality paper they use is Very expensive.
I'm going to make it a point to make my next LP purchase from
them! Or maybe that $30,000 VPI table. Outstanding Catalog!
Wow I'm now jumping up and down!!
I agree a very nice eye candy catalog!
Eye candy indeed! The cost of printing is easily offset by pricing. For instance, the Onzow Zerodust Stylus Cleaner they price at $70. Amazon at $40 w/free shipping. Nice, helpful folks, though.
They give Ikea a run for the money when it comes to catalogs.
Are we discussing how the catalog looks by itself or what's in there to purchase?
In there I only saw generic pop stuff that's been played on radio for decades. As to looks, it might become collectible.
They are expensive to produce and mail. I look forward to receiving and reading mine each year. My guess is that the manufacturers subsidize the cost of production but it's still a time-consuming and no doubt costly endeavor. It makes me feel like supporting them through patronizing their site. I called recently and asked about phono preamps. The person I spoke with patiently asked me about my system and what qualities I was seeking in a new preamp. At his suggestion I tweaked the VTA and had a positive experience. I will likely purchase the preamp he suggested, an Avid Pellar, soon. They also offer a 60-day money back guarantee. I like to buy locally, usually, but I'm impressed.
Does anyone have a link for ordering this catalog? I looked on their website but could not find anything...Thanks!!

Here is the link for ordering the catalog:


I was also recommended an Avid phono stage by Music Direct, and wow what a great rec that was. Super helpful folks and often my first stop when thinking about making changes to my system.
I showed the $27k Avid turntable to my wife. She was not impressed, and said "no, that will not be your present for Christmas!" Oh well, nice catalog anyway.
That thing is a major project. Great quality paper and cover stock.
I missed the section with the tubed output 8-track players with cryogenically-treated silver output jacks.
Pray that they are not brought out by Amazon ?

I hope they are and the mark up drops and the prices fall.
Nice catalog to be sure, but it couldn't unseat my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue for top of the stack by my listening chair. It is there for reading, under the SI issue though. ;^)
Restoration Hardware rivals for its catalogs. Everything in them looks spooky.b
You guys are right, it is a very nice catalog but I feel kind of guilty for receiving it. Except for the music, there is probably nothing I would ever purchase from the catalog. I suspect I only get it because I am a Stereophile subscriber, and when that subscription runs out I will be done with it too. Lots of paper and money spent for someone who will never use it but, tis the season based on our catalog pile. I suppose I should check into opting out. Everything in the catalog can be seen on their website.
Jokes aside, it's nice to see someone do things the old school way and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that someone like folk here who've been around for a while heads this part of their operations.

One can think of this as a kind of reward and reminder to those who indulge in this hobby that it is firmly rooted in the past despite all the technological advanced made.

Like Buconero117 put it, I'd hate to look this up online: there's something to having the physical medium. That, and I bought my Marantz gear from them and couldn't be happier so the catalog reaffirms it all.

All the best,
I had a chance to flip through this catalog today, and what jumped out at me was: What happened to speakers? When did they become so irrelevant?

I mean $30K turntables, $25K preamps, $40K monoblock amps, and the most expensive speakers they carry are $5K Wharfdale's? Hell, they were selling speaker cables that cost $5K.

I know it's not the 70's anymore, when dealers said you should spend 70% of your audio budget on speakers, but has the system totally reversed itself now? Are speakers simply a side dish now? When did that happen?

I get the Audio Advisor catalog periodically now. Also very nice. THey sell direct or via Amazon for some things at least. Most interesting catalog I have received in years since the days of DAK, Radio Shack, Lafayette catalogs, etc.
Im lucky, I get 2 of these catalogs. I get one in my name, and because wifey has ordered me some stuff thru the years, one comes in her name also. I save one for posterity. Two years ago, Paul McCartney cover,last year Jerry Garcia, Springsteen this year.
They are gorgeous.
try comparing it to the B&H Photo Video mailer. mind-boggling.
I had a chance to flip through this catalog today, and what jumped out at me was: What happened to speakers? When did they become so irrelevant?
John, I share your observation and have the same impression about Audio Advisor. I don't think speakers are irrelevant but rather, I suspect the hassle and risk associated with shipping heavy, high-end (e.g., expensive) speakers may not fit their on-line business model very well.
I framed it. It's on my systems page.