New Music?

I'm putting myself out there again, apparently,... If anyone reading this is yearning for great music, I can recommend The Rosebuds "Life Like" @ "Loud Planes Fly Low". Why only two you may ask? Because I only listen to vinyl and these titles are what"s currently available. If I could make a recommendation upon "half listening" it would be "Night Of The Furies", however that one isn't available on vinyl. Avoid The Rosebuds at you own peril!!!!!!!
Thanks for the heads up; I am really enjoying the new Gillian Welch album "The Harrow and the Harvest".
I LOVE Gillian Welch!!! Have you heard The Cowboy Junkies "Oh Death"???? This whole lp is F$%&&^% great!!! Vic Chesnutt is/was a great artist, who is being recognized by his piers, finally!!!
I second the Gillian Welch album above. The new John Hiatt "Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns" is very good also.
The Cowboy Junkies album of Vic Chesnutt covers is called "Demons", not "Oh Death". It's the second volume in the Nomad series and indeed is wonderful. The third volume "Song in my Meadow" is due out in October...can't wait! BIG Junkies fan here.
Kinda sad you wont listen to digital with that patheticly small pile to choose from but whatever lol
The Gillian Welch album is superb! If you like it, the most recent Lucinda Williams "Blessed," Steve Earle "I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive," and The Decemberists "The King Is Dead" are also excellent.
Agree with Gillan Welch's and Decemberists' latest but "Blessed" is really weak compared to her past efforts.

She mailed this one in.

That was my first impression, Audiofeil. A few more listens changed my mind.
Slaw means "Flirted With You All my Life" on Cowboy Junkies' Vic Chesnutt tribute "Demons." It is indeed a potent song; "I'm a big CJ fan, but Vic's version is better (RIP). Get his "West of Rome" which is a sort of miracle.

I agree with Bill that Gillian's recent "Harrow and Harvest" is not her best, though "The Way it Goes" can hang with her best cuts. ("Blessed" is actually Lucinda Williams' latest; have not heard it, since she mostly lost me after the excellent "Essence.") FWIW, my ranking of Gillian albums:

Soul Journey
Hell Among the Yearlings
Harrow and Harvest (tie)

No shame to places 4 and 5, really, since 2-3 are excellent, and 1 is a masterpiece.

Now, should I go see Gillian tonite in StL? :) When I saw her, show was pretty sleepy.

Well, I went out to YouTube to check out the Rosebuds. I love finding new music. I also like Gillian Welch, some Cowboy Junkies, love Lucinda and Steve Earle (all names that came up in this thread).

Unfortunately I did not like what I heard from The Rosebuds. Here's what I got out of the 3-4 cuts I tried, "Hey look how clever I can be with my lyrics". "See how smart/artsy I can be?"

Nope, didn't like it, not one bit. Reminds me of my feelings toward Patricia Barber and Lambchop. Yes, there is talent there and a few outstanding songs. But generally, way to pretentious for my taste.

Maybe I just don't get it? Regardless, there will be no Rosebuds in my rotation in the foreseeable future.
Another excellent lp is tedeschi/ trucks band--"Revelator". Has a soulful 70s memphis blues feel and is very well recorded. 2 LP set.
Sorry for the confusion in my earlier post.

I was referring to Lucinda Williams' Blessed in my "weak efforts" comment.

Poor wording on my part.