New Movie Releases in Hi-Rez Only??

A friend told me that he has heard that there have been a few new movies released on Blu-ray ONLY, not on DVD. I thought that he must be wrong, because a release at this time on either HD-DVD or Blu-ray while excluding a DVD version would be financial suicide for the distributor. He said that this was being done to drive the sales of the Hi-Rez machines.

So...who's right?
Ask for specific examples to verify, I doubt this is true.
Something really obscure, maybe. I can't imagine a single movie that would get people to invest in one format, just to see that movie, especially since nobody(to sspeak of) has 1080p display device.

Oh, like people who do have 1080p are not gonna buy Blu-ray and/or HD-DVD play-back devices....?
its not true. both new DVD formats are floundering. high resolution may make the evening news look better, but its no guarantee that it will improve the way a film looks(or sounds). in some cases it actually hurts. there are also no basic standards for dts surround.

I hope soon movies stop being released in SD DVD at all. I'd gladly keep my older ones, and replace some with the newer formats (Oh wait, I already have done this!) but until the general public accept a format, no one will win. FWIW the buzz of HD is rampant and friends of mine who are simple TV watchers are already buying Blu-ray players ON THEIR OWN with no encouragement from me!

Soon hopefully one (Blu-ray for my money) will succeed and we will all laugh about this further down the road (until 1440p comes out.......)
Kennyt, not to worry! The allotted bandwidth for HDTV only allows for a maximum resolution of 720p or 1080i.

In the meanwhile, let's hope that universal players will soon be plentiful and cheap[er], so all formats of DVD and Hi-Rez can be played.

FWIW 1440 is already in the works... It will likely be a while before it
happens, and unless you have a huge screen you likely won't need it (I
personally doubt you need 1080p for the 42" size but they and smaller
ones are selling like mad.)

Also LG has just released their combo DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD player, it doesn't
take full advantage of the audio (only does 24/96 as I understand it) but it's

I wonder what players like this will do for format wars....