new monitor

I currently have a pair of Paradigm Studio v5 10's. I'm using an integrated to drive them in a room thats L shaped and not loud (apartment so regulation and brotherlyhood apply.)

I find the Paradigms need to be driven to levels that are not allowed in my living circumstances to enjoy. I want something I can get detail at at low levels. I dont need rnb/dnb ear shattering capability right now. My music taste is mixed anything from classic and jazz to acoustic folk and some rock. Any advice on the used market here? My budget is 500-1000. I'm considering:

Harbeths P3 whatever
Tylers Mon Ref
KEFs r300s (top end of my price though)
Bowers (cm5s - saw a few here for 900)
Totems (dreamcatchers for around 400)

My amp is a Krell KAV 300i and I just re-capped it with quality components so its delivering more than ever before.

Any idea mucho appreciated
If you can stretch you budget to around $1300 plus shipping, I highly recommend Vapor Audio Breeze speakers. Awesome Raal Tweeter, Fast Wavcor woofer, in a solid cabinet, with a very fine crossover.
These speakers can compete with 5 thousand dollar speakers and beyond,
In my opinion. I own a pair, and they are the last speaker I will ever own.
I paid more as mine were done in custom redwood burl and matching stands. I also have upgrades to the tweeter and Deuland resistors. You should be over the top happy with the sound from stock Breeze I would think.