New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)

Here is some info on the new MOFI/Jones speaker:



I totally agree with the Monoprice stand recommendation.  I have pairs in 24", 28" and 32".

I was a dealer for Target Audio, Arcici, Sound Anchors and several others.

IMHO, these, with a little bit of inexpensive tweaks and upgrades, are just as good as any of those...and MUCH cheaper.

I sure recommend them...for what it's worth.

A look at the Sourcepoint 10 manual states the tweeter should be 33" off the floor.

  • That's about 2" lower than how I now sit and I'm only 5' 6"
  • With my JBL 4319 monitors, my ear is at the lower third of the midrange driver with the tweeter another 5 1/2" higher and I get a healthy dose of the high end that way.
  • AJ's design should have decent vertical spread for the tweeter so it should sound good at +/- 5" (at ear level) when listened to at a distance of 8' of more. 
  • Throwing in some Iso Pucks brings that down to +/- 4"
  • Throwing a 2" butcher block brings that down to +/- 2"
  • See where I'm going with this?
  • That would make my Wharfedale Linton speaker stands more than acceptable at their 17" height and may have some base reinforcement from the lower positioning

Isn't it great how one can rationalize things in this hobby? 😄

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I agree that the Linton stands would also be a great choice.  Nicer looking too, but more expensive.

Just came across this mini take on the Sourcepoint 10 and it's one of the most honest ones yet. Not close to perfect like a $25K speaker should be but...

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@everest_audio I continue to be amazed how no decent looking speaker stands exist - to my taste. We have incredible speakers - both form and function-wise and hideous looking speaker stands. 4 black columns are an eyesore.


The Linton stands are also an amazingly bad design.