New Mofi & Audio Fidelity CDs?

Has anyone heard the new Mofi CD "Mobile Fidelity Collection vol. 1" or the Audio Fidelity Crosby, Stills and Nash "CSN"? Thanks!
Well ... the Audio Fidelity Crosby, Stills and Nash "CSN" won't be delivered by Amazon for another 2 weeks ... so it is kind of hard to say.

Elusive Disc has them both in stock.
That's nice. The official release date for CSN is two days from now (August 13th) and there are no reviews out there that I have seen for the AF version. If you want to be the first on your block to hear the CD, you could do what I did which was order CSN from Amazon and wait for UPS to deliver the CD.

So your answer to my question is "NO" I have not heard them, you don't have to get nasty.
I have downloaded the HiRez version of CSN from HD Tracks. Sounds the best version to date that I have heard.
I don't think CSN music has aged particularly well. I really used to like them but they are really hippy dippy, which i guess was the point back then.
While I don't disagree entirely, I purchased the Audio Fidelity first CS&N CD and enjoyed it very much.
The trouble I had with 'CSN' was that it never represented for me the best music from CSN, CSN&Y, or the members' solo efforts.

When CSN was first released in the late 70's, I remember feeling that the songs and harmonies were not as good as the first album and the album did not rock as hard or as well as when Young was with the group. It reminded me so much of the music that Jackson Browne was making at the time. In reading about the CSN album now, not many people agreed with me as two top ten singles came from the album.

So how does the Audio Fidelity release sound? To my ears, it sounds ok, nothing revelatory, a bit dated. I do not have the regular CD release to compare it to. If I had the regular release, I would not be tempted to pick up the new re-mastering.

I was always into the first and second albums so was interested in the CSN. As I mentioned, I own the first CS&N CD from Audio Fidelity which I thought sounded excellent. If I had a choice I'd ask Audio Fidelity to release the second album.
IMO: Both Mofi and Audio Fidelity have made some questionable album choices over the years.
The 3rd album, Four Way Street, was my favorite. CSNY's live performances were so explosive on that album. If you ever come across the Japanese CD pressing which came out in 1989/ 1990, it is worth picking up. It does not have the bonus material of the US release which came out years later, but it is the superior sounding of the two. Stephen Stills' first solo album is definitely worth hearing and exploring. As an aside, I came across some boxes of old vinyl which included my original copy of Deja Vu from the time I was 14 and graduating from grammar school. That was 42 years ago and the lp sounds better, scratches and all, than the cd release.