New modern / rock / alternative music on SACD

I just bought a Sony XA777ES and it does sound very nice but 99% of the music selection I have been able to find on SACD is really not my cup of tea. Two channel or multi-channel, it does not matter. Any suggestions?

thanks Mark
I think I am in the same boat as you, I was contemplating the purchase of a SACD dvd player or changer (the little cheap one) but I went to tower records and saw about 3 sacds that I would buy, Alice in Chains, Desmond Dekker and the Sex Pistols. DVD-A seemed to have about 3 or 4 titles that I would buy. I am thinking more and more of getting a vinyl setup that is about the same price (I also like a lot of 80/90s alternative music that you can still find on vinyl) or a little bit more (around $200-$500). The only hope for me with SACD is that I suddenly find myself liking jazz or classical or they start to release their back catalogues of music that appeals to me.
Alice in chains is awsome on SACD, Korn just released thier
new one on sacd as well as Aerosmith ultimate hits and just
push play. The best way to support the music you want to see
is to go out and buy it. The record labels track sales for the first thirty days to measure reaction of a release.
This in turn dictates weather or not they will risk more.
This also happens to be my cup of tea!!!!
good luck......Vader
Joe Satriani, Engines of Creation was available on SACD, probably still is. I haven't seen his latest, Strange Beautiful Music, on SACD yet, but I'm hoping it appears - it's great. -Kirk