New Model Rogue Mono's

In about 10 days I'll be receiving Rogue's new Monoblock 150's. They're 150 watts in ultra-linear and 100 watts in triode. I did not know they even existed until I spoke with Mark O'Brian.

The 150's do not come in a Magnum version. They are based on the same circuitry as the new Zeus. Mark says they are terrific and outperform the Magnum 120's significantly. Just thought I'd pass it on.

Anyone own a Zeus?
The word is that Rogue will begin shipping the M-150's to dealers this week. It is based on the Zeus circuitry and has balanced inputs and puts out 150 Watts. Externally switchable between ultrlinear and triode and has a nicer faceplate too. It also runs somewhat cooler than the M-120's as it is fixed bias like the Zeus. Pictures will be posted to Rogue's website soon.
How Much ???
Yea, how much are these mono's??
$4,000. Not bad in this crazy audio world. If Rogue can keep it's prices relatively low, is the rest of the competition that greedy?
Not bad when you consider the M-120s are $3500 a pair...
Information has been posted on the Rogue Audio website.
From the Rogue site (I should have posted this earlier)...

Introducing the new M-150

Based on circuitry derived from our flagship Zeus amplifier, Rogue Audio proudly announces the brand new M-150 monoblocks. These amplifiers boast a number of performance enhancing upgrades that result in outstanding dynamics, transparency, and smoothness.

Just some of the features are:

- An all new fixed bias design (w/ built in meter)
- True balanced (XLR) as well as RCA inputs
- An ultra-quiet noise floor featuring "no ground-loop" circuitry
- Cool running for greatly extended tube life
- Updated and engraved faceplates
- And much more..

And yes, your M-120 or M-120 Magnum can be upgraded to an M-150. Call Rogue Audio at 570-992-9901 for details.
They are very awesome right out of the box.
I have about 5 hours on them and they are definatly better than the M-120.

Will let them burn in 100+ hours and report Back.
Any updates on the sound after break-in?
They are very very good, Better bass Control, more detail,

Anda noise floor that is very low. That was the big thing I noticed, Way quitter letting in more music.
You know, I bought a pair of M-120's about 2 weeks ago, and the first thing I noticed is they were not real quiet at Idle. What's the deal with that?
They sound awesome, so I can only imagine what the 150's sound like.
But like I said, they aren't the quietest amps around
Not to worry. at idle they are a touch noisy but when they play, they are giant Killers.