New MIT VS previuos one

I am looking for opinion about new version MIT like V1,2,3,4 speaker cable and interconnect compare to the Previous like 350 proline reference(top of the range) and also 850 cvt reference speaker cable. Someone said that newer version does'nt give a big improvement over the older one.
I am actually owned the 350 and 850. And thinking to upgrade to new version but don't know is it worth it.
The 850 CVT Reference is an excellent cable. I would stick with it. I had a chance to compare it with the V2 and thought they sounded very, very similar: the same huge soundstage, fast attack and lot's of smooth detail.
your Oracle cable question would be best directed to our resident MIT rep. Joe Abrams:
membername = joeabrams
Seek him out under the member lookup feature & email him. Joe typically has these cables on hand, which you may even be able try out for yourself on an approval basis.
Cables that Joe has sent me for testing in my own rig usually stay put right there.
Thanks for infomations