New Mini Electronics coming from Luxman next month

Luxman is bringing back the Neo Classico Series next month. It will be a CD player which will be 8 1/4" X113/4". It will have optical, coax and USB output. Comes w/a remote. Price $2595. The Integrated will be the same size. It will have 2 ECC 83 double triodes. The output stage will have 4 EL 84 Pentodes in a push pull configuration. Power will be 10 WPC in 6 0hms. There will be 3 inputs plus a MM/MC phono. There is also a Headphone output. Included is a remote for volume. Price will be $2795. Size is perfect for a bedroom, office or small apartment. 
I saw that as well and wonder if Luxman returned manufacturing of the Neo Classical line back to Japan from China. This is not meant as a knock on Luxman as they did it for cost savings, oversaw the quality, and passed on the savings to consumers, with the older version (a savings of $1K).

That unit had a slightly different finish once to was outsourced to China but I read, somewhere, that the sound didn’t suffer from it.

It’s just that there’s a certain cache one derives from getting it from Luxmans’s home country.

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I'm sure my dealer is going to carry it. He has the whole Luxman line. He currently has the new PD-151 TT. Typical excellent Luxman fit and finish. Should be very competitive in the 3K-4K category. From what I remember Luxman is now totally built in Japan.
That is so cute I am surprised they aren't co-branding it with Hello Kitty. 
My vote would be for Mini Me. Luxman tube gear is very good but the solid state gets the most press. I have the CL38U SE and it is a fantastic preamp. Art Dudley compared it favorably to his Shindo. Both the preamp and the matching MQ-88 amp both rank as Class A components in Stereophile.  My dealer had both these units plus the Luxman PD171-A TT to the Klipsch La Scalla's. Great setup. I'll be curious how this integrated shapes up.
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