New Merrill Scillia turntable

The new Merrill Scillia turntable is out and can be seen at their website ( It looks beatifully engineered. I just upgraded my Merrill Heirloom with their "terpolymer" subchassis and was really amazed at the improvements in sound quality. Incredible bass, better imaging, deeper soundstage, etc. I think Anthony Scillia has really brought some nice ideas!

If anyone with an Heirloom is interested, the installation of the new subchassis and springs was very easy, which I say more as a tribute to their engineering than to my pitiful abilities. I found it interesting how some of my records sounded mind-blowingly better, while some others showed only minor improvements. My plum label Led Zeppelin III was hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck awesome, while my 1st pressing UK copy of The Wall (which is one of the best sounding rock lps I've ever heard) showed more modest improvement. Classical records are giving me the same result, although my ARC VT100 amp started acting up and needs some retubing and service, so I don't trust the sound right now.