New Meridian 596 CD/DVD?

I've been anguishing over upgrading my CD player in the light of all of the talk regarding the "next best thing" that is predicted to hit the market at any moment (whenever that might, or might not, be). I had finally resigned myself to getting a Meridian 508, and then they go and come out with the new 596--which claims to be superior to the 508 in terms of CD playback and does a bang-up job with DVDs (and other formats) to boot. Anyone had a chance to check this one out yet or know of anyone who has reviewed it? Might this be an opportunity to have some cake and eat it too?
For goodness sake listen first Mezmo. I, for one, seem to be the odd one out and do NOT like any of the latest Meridian one box or two box players. The 508 particularly lacks pace and has a congealed upper-mid and lower treble which smooths over bad discs but destroys the music. I admit there are worse out there, but when you listen to them Mezmo, ask yourself whether you can get inside the music. I find that the 508 fails on this test.
Of course you're right. I'm not about to run out and buy something whithout giving it a spin first. I just enjoy nursing an array of fascinations while here at work in order to guide me on my listening safarris later on. Despite the excess verbiage, I was just wondering whether anyone has given the new 596 a listen. I'm intrigued by the possibility, but know absolutely nothing about it beyond the company line. Gotta start someplace...? Cheers.
Redkiwi, what other one/two box players are you referring to that are in the same price range or less. I currently own a 508.20 which has been upgraded to 508.24 specs, and also have a Meridian 561 pre/pro. Your comments seem accurate in describing how the 508.20 sounded before being upgraded. I can also sense a difference when using my Sony DVP7700 as a transport. While it doesn't have the same resolution as the 508.20(24) used as a transport I find that the bass is more taught and the soundstage is wider and more open sounding. I would agree with Mezmo that a one box mult-format solution appeals to me as well.