New member and potential seller question

Hello all,

I am new here. I am interested in selling my pioneer receiver (sc-1523k same as Sc-75). I am happy to pay the listing fee but am concerned that no one will buy it since I have no reviews and just joined.

Any thoughts on how to put potential buyers at ease?

You can do things to help: Do you have a rating on ebay or other sites? Get certified on paypal. That's a great way for a buyer to feel comfortable. Finally, I have always been willing to furnish my name, address, phone and more to the actual buyer once a price has been agreed upon. I did back out of a deal recently when someone gave me a phone number and address, neither of which came up under their name on a web search. No money lost, no big issues, I felt good by being safe. The buyer was pissed off but better safe than sorry.
Try eBay.
"Any thoughts on how to put potential buyers at ease?"

Ship the amp COD.
Everyone has to start out somewhere so step up and place your ad. A well structured comment in your ad about being a new member, along with clear pictures of your receiver and its packaging, and the offer for local buyers to audition the receiver will go a long way to put potential buyers at ease.
This unit will not sell here as its junk.
do ebay as suggested and get connected with paypal so buyers will feel safe to purchase.
the unit will sell as sales of vintage receivers going up just like vinyl.
+1 Elevick. When I started I provided my phone number so that prospective buyer could call. Sold my amp within a day.
Thank you everyone for the excellent advice. I have used ebay and paypal so I will check out how to get my certification and rating.

I would definitely be open to contact info when agreeing on a price as well as auditioning the unit for locals. For that matter, I could just as easily do a video audition if AG would let me post that....will have to look into that as well.
You might want to consider buying some CDs or LPs off of this site, or maybe some accessories to get a bit of positive feedback without spending too much money.