New Member And few questions on First Tube Amp.

Little about me.I am 67 and more into cars /cycles but enjoy music during winter months.
I have Tinnitus very bad and so I can not play music much over 70 db with high pitch horns ect.
But I have Marantz SR 8002 and had until last week Mirage M-5's. 28 yrs and did not realize how deteriorated
they become until someone sold a pair of Definitive Techogoly BP 8080ST and I could not beleive what I was missing
on sound.. All along thought it was my hearing..So now that I can hear music separation along with my ringing 
it is a joy to hear more than I thought I would ever hear again.
So with that I want to just see if a tube amp will allow me to hear music flow from the speakers as others describe.

So not knowing anything I have a dealer not to far selling Prima Luna tubes and my question is I see tube amp and pre tube amp.. To try a tube amp can you run from just one of these components ??
Does Prima Luna have a all in one unit if I need a amp and pre amp ???

I do not mind spending few thousand, but not sure how long my hearing will last  and so just want to 
purchase low end just to see if I can hear a difference of tube vs solid state...thank you Joe

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I'm fond of Rogue Audio amps
Also, have you tried gabapentin for tinnitus? A friend uses it, its prescription
Another prescription that helps with sleep is Remeron, generic is Mirtazapine.
Haven't heard the Primaluna but from what I have heard and combined with my personal experience I'm with the guys who commend it. In general you will probably be better served going for gear that emphasizes depth of sound stage with a touch of reticence even. As opposed to presence or forwardness, either of which can accentuate or trigger ringing. 

Another few things you will probably like: Koetsu, Herron VTPH-2A (fantastic- need to hear it to believe it) and Synergistic Research HFT's. Especially the HFT's! With a little patience and experimentation these amazing little gizmo's will allow you to fine-tune your presentation to an amazing degree. Just to give you some idea, just one placed above each tweeter shifted the sound stage back a good 5 to 10 feet! While at the same time imparting a very laid back yet still musically engaging sound. I didn't like it and found it too much of a good thing for me. But you might find it greatly reduces ringing. Or in any case you just move them, only takes a minute. Nothing else on the market even remotely near this level of tunability.

I changed all of these and while tinnitus wasn't the reason I have noticed it a lot less bothersome after having done them. Hope you get the Primaluna and enjoy it as a sweet integrated like that would seem to be the next logical step for me as well.
It may be helpful if the amp u get allows listening in triode or ultralinear modes. I find triode to be a little more laid back, highs not as edgy, but still detailed with more space and air between instruments. Ultralinear on some recordings, can sound a little accentuated and congested. Some Primaluna power amps and integrated amps allow both via the remote as well as volume control.