New Member And few questions on First Tube Amp.

Little about me.I am 67 and more into cars /cycles but enjoy music during winter months.
I have Tinnitus very bad and so I can not play music much over 70 db with high pitch horns ect.
But I have Marantz SR 8002 and had until last week Mirage M-5's. 28 yrs and did not realize how deteriorated
they become until someone sold a pair of Definitive Techogoly BP 8080ST and I could not beleive what I was missing
on sound.. All along thought it was my hearing..So now that I can hear music separation along with my ringing 
it is a joy to hear more than I thought I would ever hear again.
So with that I want to just see if a tube amp will allow me to hear music flow from the speakers as others describe.

So not knowing anything I have a dealer not to far selling Prima Luna tubes and my question is I see tube amp and pre tube amp.. To try a tube amp can you run from just one of these components ??
Does Prima Luna have a all in one unit if I need a amp and pre amp ???

I do not mind spending few thousand, but not sure how long my hearing will last  and so just want to 
purchase low end just to see if I can hear a difference of tube vs solid state...thank you Joe

Encouraging info ericsch- thanks!

I'm getting on that clinical trial list.

Guys, keep informed and sign up!

Well every one I want to thank all who have helped.. Not in tube amp purchasing but those of you who responded to tinnitus ..
Wow !! 
All of you maybe we do have hope .
But if we do not then I wish all of you well in maintaining what sound we have left and that it does not get any louder than it is..
Like I said mine doubled a few yers ago and yes I can survive but at times it does get to you..
Well Amp wise thinking 3 in mind ..Cayin A100T ,Ayon  Spirit or Prima Luna Dialogue..thinking more on number 3 or number 2 PL more for I  have a dealer 8 miles from me.. I was going to buy used but thinking more on new..I do not have to have it right away so will give more thought..LOL But if you read reviews yikes .You would buy every one ..But I have learned so much from all of you in tubes and tinnitus.. Thanks for teaching a old man ...Joe
I'm fond of Rogue Audio amps
Also, have you tried gabapentin for tinnitus? A friend uses it, its prescription
Another prescription that helps with sleep is Remeron, generic is Mirtazapine.