New Member And few questions on First Tube Amp.

Little about me.I am 67 and more into cars /cycles but enjoy music during winter months.
I have Tinnitus very bad and so I can not play music much over 70 db with high pitch horns ect.
But I have Marantz SR 8002 and had until last week Mirage M-5's. 28 yrs and did not realize how deteriorated
they become until someone sold a pair of Definitive Techogoly BP 8080ST and I could not beleive what I was missing
on sound.. All along thought it was my hearing..So now that I can hear music separation along with my ringing 
it is a joy to hear more than I thought I would ever hear again.
So with that I want to just see if a tube amp will allow me to hear music flow from the speakers as others describe.

So not knowing anything I have a dealer not to far selling Prima Luna tubes and my question is I see tube amp and pre tube amp.. To try a tube amp can you run from just one of these components ??
Does Prima Luna have a all in one unit if I need a amp and pre amp ???

I do not mind spending few thousand, but not sure how long my hearing will last  and so just want to 
purchase low end just to see if I can hear a difference of tube vs solid state...thank you Joe

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Look at the integrated amp.
Reliable,plenty of good reviews.Price competitive and maybe a polarizing brand. Many fans, along with many who will bash it because it isn’t an American made product. Based on its construction, it would be more expensive if it were.

There are plenty of threads here, mostly praising its merits.Features and build that stack up against more costly brands.

I have severe tinnitus too. Hopefully, in this lifetime a cure will be found.

Thank You for your information..I have hope for cure but not in my time..
I right now have to use sleep phones plugged into computer to make the 
freq I have to allow me to sleep at night.
I could sleep for 35 years with it then 2 years ago mine increased 2x what I had.
Oh my..but things could be worse.. thank You again Joe
Another tinnitus sufferer here.+1 on the Primaluna integrated.Then you can change out the tubes later on and fine tune the sound to your preference.If you need to roll off the highs a little so it's not painful to hear that's easily done.
I do not know any one with tinnitus . But seems like I found more here than any where else in one day .
thank You again and wish you well with your tinnitus and hope you do not get increase in sound that has happened to me..
thank You again Joe

Thankfully, we have music as temporary  escape  from our misunderstood ailment.
The Marantz is pretty high powered, you'll need to look at a KT88 or 6550 PP tube amp.  If you look at Roger Modjeski's comments from his thread "ask an amp designer a question" I dont think he was so keen on Prima Luna's products.  If you got a couple grand to play with a Music Reference RM9 or Berning EA2100 would smoke a Prima Luna any day of the week, but even easier to find would be a Moscode 300 or 600.  I'd personally take any of the above mentioned over a Prima Luna.  I'd also consider a Jolida, Antique Sound Labs, Audio Space or Cayin int tube amp.
I saw a used Cayin 734b used for sale but was nervous about purchasing not knowing anything about this tube world..

I think it was rated 40watts ..I tried to find out how old it was and even google gave me no information.

But for 700 it may be the way I should go to test the tube sound.'
I guess the only thing is that it is not remote and with hearing issues think I should have remote??? Any thoughts on this matter ??Do most of you have remote or see no need having sound set ??? 
Joe, yeah tinnitus sucks. What source are you using? I think remote is a good idea with hearing damage to limit loud passages before hurting but without curtailing the quieter parts.
Most of my sources don't have a remote so that's not a big issue for me.  The Cayins are excellent.

Just saw this one in the DC area: and actually heard this one with EL34's or 6L6 tubes in it and it sounded great!  It also has a remote.

Didnt see any info on the 734b, only the 734a and its got huge iron on it, which is the heart of any tube amp, and most important part of a tube amp.  I'd take a Cayin any day over Prima Luna.

The 40 wpc will sound like double that

As mentioned in my first post, polarizing opinion undoubtedly shows up. 

What's going to sound good to your ears is subjective, and absolute specs/graphs etc. won't guarantee satisfacton. 


I am also a tinnitus sufferer ( heavy equipment operator, aircraft assembler, etc.) I'm 72, and I'm still enjoying music a great deal. My listening room is on the large side 34' X 16.5' w/cathedral ceilings). I use my SET 300B, which I won on auction here on A'gon for around $750. I then had caps and resistors upgraded at the factory (Sonic Frontiers/Parts Connexion). I use it to drive my 94db custom built Tannoy HPD 315 drivers (12" Dual Concentric) in massive 150 liter bass-reflex enclosures. 

They sound amazing in my room, and I'm still able to discern the difference in SQ between different sources & amps, digital/vinyl etc. Although many offer opinions that the SET 300B shouldn't be up to the task, but for me, it does the job.

I hope you find what works for you. I wish you many years of continued musical enjoyment, regards,
Tinnitus sufferer here, also.

No one hip on Manley labs? Maybe the Snappers?
Yet another victim of tinnitus here.  I'm 63, but I've had it for years.  That said,  I still love to listen to all types of music.   Tinnitus notwithstanding, I still prefer the sound of tubes vs transistors, even allowing for relative expense.    I have found great deals on used equipment on Audiogon, eBay and Craigslist.   
Another tinnitus person here. I still enjoy listening to music. To the OP, I have a Cayin A88-T,  it sounds great and is well built. I have the MK 2 version, never had a problem in the 5 years I've owned it. 
When I talked to my Audiologist, she said that Tinnitus is essentially the brains interpretations of what's happening with the damaged cochlea.

So, unless cochlea implants rival real ones, IDK that it can be "cured".

I asked if there was a way to use frequency cancelling (like those noise canceling headphones ppl use for loud work, like mowing, etc) and she said "no" because it's not in response to any external frequency.  Just the mind's interpretation.  And it's different per person.  Some, vets with damage from bombs, can get it so bad they commit suicide.  So it can always be worse, unfortunately.  Sad.  For their sake I hope they can devise some sort of remedy, if only to silence the perceived noise in the mind.
Encouraging info ericsch- thanks!

I'm getting on that clinical trial list.

Guys, keep informed and sign up!

Well every one I want to thank all who have helped.. Not in tube amp purchasing but those of you who responded to tinnitus ..
Wow !! 
All of you maybe we do have hope .
But if we do not then I wish all of you well in maintaining what sound we have left and that it does not get any louder than it is..
Like I said mine doubled a few yers ago and yes I can survive but at times it does get to you..
Well Amp wise thinking 3 in mind ..Cayin A100T ,Ayon  Spirit or Prima Luna Dialogue..thinking more on number 3 or number 2 PL more for I  have a dealer 8 miles from me.. I was going to buy used but thinking more on new..I do not have to have it right away so will give more thought..LOL But if you read reviews yikes .You would buy every one ..But I have learned so much from all of you in tubes and tinnitus.. Thanks for teaching a old man ...Joe
I'm fond of Rogue Audio amps
Also, have you tried gabapentin for tinnitus? A friend uses it, its prescription
Another prescription that helps with sleep is Remeron, generic is Mirtazapine.
Haven't heard the Primaluna but from what I have heard and combined with my personal experience I'm with the guys who commend it. In general you will probably be better served going for gear that emphasizes depth of sound stage with a touch of reticence even. As opposed to presence or forwardness, either of which can accentuate or trigger ringing. 

Another few things you will probably like: Koetsu, Herron VTPH-2A (fantastic- need to hear it to believe it) and Synergistic Research HFT's. Especially the HFT's! With a little patience and experimentation these amazing little gizmo's will allow you to fine-tune your presentation to an amazing degree. Just to give you some idea, just one placed above each tweeter shifted the sound stage back a good 5 to 10 feet! While at the same time imparting a very laid back yet still musically engaging sound. I didn't like it and found it too much of a good thing for me. But you might find it greatly reduces ringing. Or in any case you just move them, only takes a minute. Nothing else on the market even remotely near this level of tunability.

I changed all of these and while tinnitus wasn't the reason I have noticed it a lot less bothersome after having done them. Hope you get the Primaluna and enjoy it as a sweet integrated like that would seem to be the next logical step for me as well.
It may be helpful if the amp u get allows listening in triode or ultralinear modes. I find triode to be a little more laid back, highs not as edgy, but still detailed with more space and air between instruments. Ultralinear on some recordings, can sound a little accentuated and congested. Some Primaluna power amps and integrated amps allow both via the remote as well as volume control. 
I bought my first tube amp about six months ago, demoed B.A.T., Rogue, and PrimaLuna, bc that's what my local dealers had in my price range, and would have been happy with any of these, however, found a good deal on a used B.A.T. VK-55 which I am greatly enjoying.  I didn't need an integrated as I have a single source w/ volume control.  All that being said, I was impressed with what PrimaLuna has to offer, and there's a lot to be said for sticking with a local dealer's offering.  I don't think you can go wrong, OP!
Before you buy any equipment go to a dealer and ask to listen to both. If you're hearing impaired the higher the quality of sound you are able to get the better you will hear it. Most any dealer should be happy to let you audition them in their showroom.
The Blackhawk is on its way .. I will sample it with my speakers and my room...I have 45 days trial with it.. I do hope it is a keeper..
thank you
The Raven Blackhawk should be an interesting audition.

Too bad you can't have a Dialogue next to it to compare.

The Raven is lacking a couple of features compared to the PL,but your ears are the final  judge.

Happy listening! 
Well a update on Raven vs my Marantz SR8002 .
A Raven Nighthawk arrived until the Raven Blackhawk Mk iii are ready for shipping..
Well I was totally surprised at what I did not hear through Marantz.
The musical sounds and definitions of instruments is just enjoyable to hear .Something I would have never guessed a Tube amp could produce... So yes this is a Nighthawk so just hoping that what I hear with this tube amp I will hear with Blackhawk. If I hear the same or even just a hint better I will be very happy with Raven Product.. The Nighthawk is manual volume and can not wait for remote to arrive. Few songs with tinnitus was just a little to loud and wish I had remote ..But if you get a chance to hear Raven amp would like to know what you hear from it..thank You for all your responses and will let you know in a month or so about the Blackhawk experience..
Well every one I want to thank all who have helped.. Not in tube amp purchasing but those of you who responded to tinnitus ..
If your moniker is an indication- I hope you wear earplugs when riding. I found that earplugs were not enough unless I was wearing a good helmet too.

Yes when riding 3 wheel auto cycles I wear helmet with ear flaps and ear plugs for tinnitus 
I highly recommend one of the newer Jolida/Black Ice integrateds...made in China, tweaked in MD, and you can call 'em with questions...less expensive than Primaluna's stuff, and it sounds great...owned an older model 502p for years and loved it.

Full face helmet always, earplugs only when riding long distances at high speeds (wind...louder than yer pipes by far), as my usual ride involves ripping around a specific winding route at  appropriate road speeds enjoying the hilarious sound of Norman Hyde Toga pipes on a spoke wheeled pseudo retro hipster Triumph Bonneville T100.