New Melody Gardot release

Listening to Melody Gardot's latest release, "Sunset in The Blue" on Qobuz.  Sound quality and performance is strong.  
Just ordered up on Amazon.  Thanks goodness they are still releasing on CD.  I have enjoyed her music for some time.
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On Qobuz I noticed this album is streamed as FLAC 44.1kHz 16bit and yet they classify it as "Hi-Res".  I think this is the first title I've seen labelled Hi-Res on Qobuz that wasn't 24bit.  Is there something I'm missing on how Qobuz categorizes their titles?
Seems to be mislabeled. The HI-RES version on Qobuz plays at 16/44.1. Two non-labeled versions play at MP3 320, and another at 16/44.1. 
I'm listening to the Qobuz version labeled HR... and it sounds sublime, regardless of the actual sampling rate.
Very nice recording! Listening to the CD right now. Very carefully thought out arrangements. More upbeat lyrically than her last release “Currency of Man”.  Mastered by Bernie Grundman. 
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