New Meadowlark E-Series

Has anyone heard the new Meadowlark E-series Speakers?

I am breaking in a pair currently and they just keep getting better! I bought them from Meadowlark recently, Last pair. The drivers are Vifa same drivers that are in the swift, only two 5 1/4's instead of one in the swift. Doesn't take much to drive them, and they stay together when I have turned the volume up. I have had three different monitors recenltly: Polk Lsi 9, DIY (peerless), (Vifa XT Ring Radiators), Dynaudio Contour. At first I didn't think the detail was coming through, and then slowly they have started to open up. I have one thing to say about these budget towers from Meadowlark, REALISTIC! At low volumes the music is all around you and when you turn it up it just seems to get better! The Polks are can be on the bright side and to get them to fill in you really need to put the juice to them. The Dynaudios need even more power! They sound Great, but if you just want listen at low volumes, they don't seem to like it. The DIY Still need work on the cross overs but that is an ongoing story. I am gladd that I made the purchase from Meadowlark before it was to late! Look at the reviews that 6Moons gave them, they seemed to really like them as well. Sweet Baby James is sitting here in my living room playing "Walking Man" as I type and he must have a new pair of strings on his Martin. They are worth the money and more, because I sold the polks, and the Danes, and am enjoying them! If you are think of getting them I think you might stiil be able to get some from Curtis furniture in up state NY, they bought the remaining stock when Meadowlark went belly up. I am running them with a Threshold s/150m not much power 75 watts/channel I think they would be good for tube!