New Mcintosh C-22

At the place of purchasing a new C-22. Will be first Mcintosh piece and wondering what owners of this piece have experienced? Realize that numerous factors come into affect, cables, speakers, amplifiers, but thoughts and experiences would be appreciated, Thanks.
I'm little confused here.  Do you mean a new (for you) but nice, old C-22?  Or, has McIntosh come out with a newly updated version of the old C-22?
Thanks for checking to clarify, New in box, from my local dealer not an orginal vintage from 1960's. This is also new for me with regard to purchasing a McIntosh piece. So piece has vintage styling and updated technology, not a new 2017 release as this has not occurred to my knowledge.
Based on your virtual system, you will very likely find the C22 to be quite different from what you're used to.  I don't like a lot of the words used to describe the difference between tubes and SS gear, but I do think you will find it to have a quieter background, superior soundstage/image and be less harsh.  It will do wonders for your vinyl rig.  I'm guessing you'll be running the output into your Rotel power amp and B&Ws; if so, the tube pre / SS power combo what many folks prefer in a hybrid rig.  I sure did.

Build quality of anything McIntosh is superb, so if you go for it you will have an heirloom piece.  Do note that it will take the tubes 50 to 100 hours of use to really start performing.

Good luck & happy listening!
Thanks for your thoughts on what I may likely expect. Will be running the Output to both the Rotel Amps and will take the Superphon Preamp out of the chain. Definitely anticipating some great listening sessions.

Don’t understand; vintage styling and updated technology. Someone upgraded a vintage C22 with modern components? I’m just intrigued.

Edited. Looks like it was relaunched by McIntosh. Interesting.

The piece being referenced for purchase is:
I used my fresh-from-the-factory C22 yesterday for the first time. Using for phono duties with a VPI Classic 2/Blackbird combo. First impressions very positive! I purchased because it has tone controls! I don't listen to vinyl that much and want to make adjustments when necessary. Really nice looking box!
I can't speak to the C-22, but I have been happily using a C220 for about 6 years.  Many Mac preamp owners have had good results from upgrading the tubes.  I replaced the stock tubes with Mullard reissues (~$40 per pair), and got smoother sound, lower noise, and an expanded soudstage.  And I absolutely love the functionality of my C220, which is not as extensive as the C-22.  I would guess you will enoy your purchase a great deal.
I recently purchased an NOS (New Old Stock) Mcintosh C2500 full function Pre-amp.  If the C-22 performs the same, it's a winner. My C2500 has reacted to tube rolling really nicely and has make a HUGE improvement in my overall systems performance.  Like you, it is my first Mcintosh piece and now I am kicking myself for not buying a Mc pre sooner. The C2500, being of a newer design may have more features, internal DAC and two Phono section but that is just fluff but for me it's all about how it has taken my entire system to the next level.  Also when I compared product at or near the same price range the Mcintosh, offered more bang for the buck.  
I had a McIntosh C2300 and now a C1100. I really like the retro looks of the C22. Paired with a MC275 or MC75 you would have a very modern system that truly looks retro.
I appreciate all the feedback, opinions and experiences of what everyone has shared. Many Thanks. 
If it matters to you, I believe that Mac has discontinued the C22.  But double check on that with Mac.
Yes, they have been discontinued. My Local Dealer has one left Factory Sealed New in Box. They also said that McIntosh will likely re-release this again in the future, 5-7 years.
I just purchased a new C22 from a dealer who ordered from Mac. You may be confused with the Anniversary reissue of which only a set limit was made. A call to Mac may straighten this out...
Thanks dweller, realize all the Anniversary editions are gone. My dealer indicated that the current C-22 is discontinued or more accurately about to be discontinued. As mentioned in earlier post they have one new factory sealed one left and their demo that I auditioned.
I'm using mine as a phono preamp and the sound is making me "giddy"!
Sounds like Audio Nirvana!
Music does that to me and the C22 just sounds like music!
After a look at current setup and making a choice to start minimizing gear on the racks (2 DACs) I have decided to simplify. I ended up picking up a new C47. Appreciate all the feedback. Looking towards settling back this weekend and unboxing and setting up. Am very much taken with the simplicity of this piece. 
So many are quick to rip on McIntosh, calling the sound dated, slow, dull etc.. I have owned quite a bit of Mac gear throughout the years and have always found it ultimately listenable for hours on end.  Build quality is top drawer.  I think that you will find that all Mac preamps have a similar sound (I did), whether tubes or solid state.  That always impressed me, because they are equally voiced.  And yes, I love tone controls.  When I want a little more top end I adjust the treble, a little more bass, same thing.  I have too many friends that adjust their treble and bass by changing cables..  I just shake my head.

Enjoy your C-22.  It's and excellent choice.

ps7256: I've found that, with my Sumiko Blackbird High Output MC cartridge, I get better sound with the MM (moving magnet) phono input. The MC (moving coil) input sounds strained/compressed compared to the MM. I believe the MM has fewer gain stages to affect the sound.
Thanks dweller, normansizemore, really looking forward to this weekend and setting up and enjoying the journey. Have my favorites lined up on CD, Vinyl, Tape and Digital.
Wow! Not leaving the chair all day! 

Glad to hear that you are enjoying your preamp.  Now do something unusual (at least for most).  Keep it.  It's a true reference that you can enjoy for decades.  


Thanks normansizemore! Not letting go.