New Massive Attack LP: 100 th Window

Had to purchase this the day it came out...first impression is this is more "poppY" and less dark than "Mezzanine"...any thoughts...Im sure over time I will have formed a better opinion...and since I like the bulk of their material...will have this in my player for some time...
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I had plans of getting it this weekend but something came up and I will not have time to buy music this weekend :( so next weekend it will be- it was on my list to get, as well, when I first heard about its release- I like your taste in music Phasecorrect!
I wasn't aware that they had a new LP out, but one piece of music that I always pull out when auditioning new gear is Unfinished Sympathy from their first album. Great stuff. Cant believe it came out in '91. I will look for 100th Window.
A piece of trivia... my brother in law was friends with some of the guys in Massive Attack in Bristol (England) in high school.
Check out the review in This album doesn't sound too promising. That won't stop me from buying it of course.

Evidently MA is down to one guy...the white dude...3-d...and many guests including Sinead O'Connor...oh boy...
I’ve listened to “100th Window” quite a few times now, and I am not in agreement with the negative reviews. Sure, it is not as good as “Blue Lines” or “Mezzanine,” but I’d certainly rank it higher than the rather overrated “Protection.” Some of the tracks on “100th Window,” especially “Special Cases” and “Butterfly Caught”, are among the best Massive Attack songs ever. However, having Sinead O’Connor do lead vocals on so many tracks was a mistake. For the most part, I find her lyrics preachy, and her singing tiresome. What’s with all this “Jah forgive us” crap? As far as I am concerned, the only whiteboy who ever wrote lyrics about “Jah” that made any sense was Tesco Vee of The Meatmen.
I bought this CD after nearly two months since its release, after a lot of reading reviews and listening stations at Tower. I have to agree with Tweakgeek. Negative reviews are for the most part unfair. THe arrangements are grandeose and extremely elegant. Some of the songs are so good it stays in your head for long time. I am not too carzy about the songs sung by Sinead though. In my book this rates slightly higher than the Mezzanine!!
I tried to like this album, I have played it a dozen times through, but can't connect with it. Mezzanine absolutely is in its own league, one of my favorite albums, and though I don't want another Mezzanine I don't like the way MA has gone, but then again, it's not really Massive Attack anymore, is it? Just a name or label that used to represent a group with amazing talents that have long since parted way.

I thought Tricky's Blowback was a better album then 100th Window, and Blowback is far from Tricky's best in my mind. Craig Armstrongs work, with Tricky Kid also of previous MA fame, have all been outstanding, me thinks, and I would suggest any of his 3 albums over the new MA album. Heck, even Bono of U2 makes a cameo on the Armstrong album, that's worth the price of admission alone!