New marketing tatic what`s your take?

I just received the latest issue of Stereophile. I noticed a Disc from Dynaudio inside the plastic outer cover, I tore it open and drooled on the cover with the picture of the new Halcro DM 38. After loseing intrest with the cover I went to the computer and put the Dynaudio disc in the CD ROM. After watching the disc I pondered why other companies that are trying to get the image of their product`s to the comsumer`s mind have not thought of this? David
Although the marketing concept is fine, this particular disc was not entirely captivating (except for that attractive lady who walks toward the viewer a few times during the presentation, apparently randomly, as not connected to the narrative thread). The sole narrator was the chief company executive, and he could not be as photogenic, and so I guess she was intercut to wake us up. If more members of the company staff had spoken about their respective contributions there would have been more variety in the vocal presentations.
I feel that there could have been a few audio-visual selections which the software companies might have gratefully supplied to Dynaudio, in order to showcase the source material that Dynaudio loudspeakers beautifully convey. This would have made the disc a "keeper" for home theater, and speaker demonstration purposes.
Seeing the skilled craftsperson approach to building every part of the loudspeakers was very impressive. So, the overall goal was achieved to show tremendous dedication by the company to innovation, and quality control.
I actually did just the opposite. I saw it was advertising propoganda and immediately threw it into the trash along with the clear plastic wrapping of the magazine. It wasn't a music cd, and it certainly won't tell you how the speaker sounds. IMHO, just more marketing $$$ that Dynaudio wasted that will get rolled into the retail price of their speakers. I would also bet all that information on that cd is also attainable on their website.
I know I'm alone. I hate advertising.

In fact, I try very hard to never buy a product that I learned about from advertising.

Free cd's. Just what we need more of.

I imagine that the next generation of intrusive offenses will be unwanted, unpurchased free advertising cd's which have a fragrance so that not only will the advertising stink, but the cd will stink also.
I watched it and feel it is not bad but could have been a lot better for my interests. For example, I would have liked more discussion of what sort of R&D goes into their driver design. They talk a lot about pursuing neutrality, but how? I suppose, however, that for the well-heeled but less discriminating, the content may have been appropriate. They were trying to create lust for the brand.

Sadly, the sound on the disc was quite poor, and the music was, predictably, Euro-crap.
There just trying to make a buck like anybody else. After all there not making speakers for there health!
Expensive ads for niche market merchandise let you know a nice portion of the price of the item will be going into the ads, not into the product.

I happened to get the disk on return from a business trip where I just heard Dynaudio speakers for the first time, so I found it interesting and timely. Granted, the long form advertising could have been more lively, and it could have gone into more technical depth; hard to do both though. I don't expect too much from an engineer-as-spokesmodel.

On my day off in Toronto, at one store I listened to the Dynaudio Special 25 on moderately priced Arcam electronics. Then I went to another store and heard the Focus Audio FS 788, which as many will know, uses Dynaudio's Revelator tweeter. This was driven by a combination of Ayre electronics, and a big PS Audio power amp. I was most impressed with both applications; so much so that I'm starting to lean towards something with this treated silk dome tweeter. Previously, I was far more used to various metal domes.
The Revelator is made by Scan-Speak, not Dynaudio.
How mortifying. Got my info crossed. Is it correct, at least, that the Revelator is another treated silk dome, or did I get that wrong too?
Frankly, I was just happy to see a company do something other than a magazine spread. True, the quality was somewhat lacking, there were some spelling and grammar errors here or there (although the Italian subtitles were very good), the video looked like it was edited by a 6th grader, but overall this is a very cost-effective way to let people know more about your product.

What did bother me-- WAY too much emphasis on how they make everything in-house. Numerous companies design their own drivers and then have them built by an OEM like Vifa or Scan Speak. Some simply use their drivers. I don't find that to be lower quality, but that's just me.