New Mark Levinson 5805 Firmware Problems

Greetings.  I'm new to this group.  I wanted to share my experiences.  I bought an ML 5805 that was delivered first week of February, 2020.  I updated the firmware to current version 1.47.  Upon doing so, the PCM digital filter choices "disappeared" from the amp menu.  Also missing was the decoding info provided when the Enter button is pressed.

Levinson customer support said no one else had reported this but me and seemed to try to "blame" it on me, asking such questions like, have I had a power outage, has the unit been moved, have I disconnected/re-connected wires, etc.  After being put through the wringer and providing them their requested information, they had me do a Config Restore to the previous firmware.  When I did that, the PCM filters and decoding info returned, but, if I customized ANYTHING in the amp (i.e. startup volume, offset, naming of inputs, etc) the PCM filters and decoding info disappeared again.  At one time, the amp went into Standby Mode and could not be awakened--it had "died."  This inferred to me that both firmware versions have bugs.

So, Levinson and my Raleigh, NC dealer (who has been terrific about this) provided a brand new replacement 5805 today.  The dealer's tech person installed it, updated the firmware, and, drum roll please...the exact same problems occurred with my new replacement 5805.  The dealer's tech said it appeared both firmware versions had bugs.  This so-called luxury amp has worn me out.  I am ready for a refund and a replacement product.  Does anyone have recommendations for a superb-sounding integrated amplifier for around the same price range +/-  $2K to $4K?
Sorry to hear about your troubles a brand like Levinson should have all the bugs worked out before rolling a piece of gear out and also should be more customer friendly than your experience. Also glad you have a terrific dealer considering he's been so helpful what other integrateds does he carry? 
For a reliable and superb-sounding integrated amplifier, my suggestion is Accuphase.