New Marantz Reference: PM-10 Integrated Amplifier.

Hello to all music lovers out there.

Let's talk about the new Marantz Reference Series, PM-10 Integrated amplifier.

As far as I know, this is the first Marantz Reference Series with a Class D circuit, the whole concept of this amp is very interest by the way...

Anyone had the opportunity to listen and compare with the previous Reference Series?

Also, if you listened the new PM-10, share your thoughts.

Thanks, best regards.
Similar technology I believe in the even more recent, less expensive and less powerful, Marantz PM-K1 Ruby.
The PM-10 integrated amp isn’t worth $8k new. There are much better options out there for similar money that will outperform the Marantz PM-10. For similar money you should look into Hegel, Cary Audio, entry level Pass, entry level Simaudio, entry level Naim, Krell, a used Mark Levinson, a used Ayre, Rega Osiris ($10k new but a used one can be had for around $7k or possibly less), Musical Fidelity NuVista series integrateds, a used entry level Vitus Audio, etc.
These integrateds will perform and sound better and more musical than the Marantz PM-10.

Do not get easily misled with the idea of Marantz’s proprietary HDAM discrete analog audio out circuitry in the preamp section of the PM-10 integrated amp. HDAM is a discrete circuitry, but.....dang...... a cheap Marantz SR-5013 av receiver ($1k new retail price) uses HDAM circuitry in its preamp processor audio output section. I’m sure the HDAM circuitry in the PM 10 is superior to that found in the Marantz av receivers but still wasn’t impressive sounding unit. I’ve heard the PM-10 before in somewhat familiar setup/system and wasn’t worth $8k new retail price.

However, the Marantz SA-10 CD/SACD player is pretty good.
My impressions till now, when watching the Ken Ishiwata presentations about the new reference series, is that the highlight of this series is the SA-10, and digital music.

On all presentations that I watched, he not goes deep into the PM-10 design, that for what i understood via the Marantz website, the PM-10 is composed by 2 Class D monoblocks, and each monoblock is composed by more 2 modulus, so a monoblock composed by 4 amps?

Hi bluenote, 

i answered red your question about the Yamaha as3000 versus pm-10. 

Here I will simply say my pm-10 and sa-10 combo sound awesome with my dynaudio confidence 5. 

For me the sound is detailed, dynamic and lively. I listen to a wide range of music from electronic go world to classical and all sound brilliant . 

As  to worth it . Well for the matching looks, sound, facilities, yes I do in my system think so. 

Cheers dave 
I've heard the PM-10 paired with the Golden Ear Reference speakers and to my ears the sound was too hyper detailed for my taste. It would grab your attention for the first few minutes but a bit fatiguing in my opinion. Maybe it was the pairing. 

Yes, the Marantz SA-10 Reference series CD/SACD player is pretty awesome. 
Thanks for all the feedbacks

I think the PM-10 can be a great match with Dynaudio, would love to hear with the Contour 30...