New Marantz Model 30

Wow--I'm not even in the market for a SS integrated but this thing looks great aesthetically and feature-wise.  Has anyone heard and operated the unit?  It might be perfect for a bar I'm refurbishing. 
I'm a Marantz dealer.  I've had a demo Model30 for a while now, and have sold a few as well.  To me, it sounds quite similar to the RUBY PM-KI.  Very nice sounding unit and they look even better in person then the pictures show online!
It uses HDAM: Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Mumbo-jumbo. Tuned by the Marantz Stare Master. The fancy brushed face plate is sure to compliment any bar. Would be perfect with the Mag Lev turntable. Who cares if its loaded down to 390 ohms? Just look at it! Feel the knobs! Ooh! Getting a little now just thinking about it.....
Marantz and Denon are sister company’s , the Denon sound signature is a bit forward and agile with big soundstage, Marantz is more laid back and maybe gives a more calmer insight into the music, what one chooses is probably system dependent in what dac or speakers one has.
Great intel!  Thank you Goldprintaudio, Gryphongryph!  MillerCarbon I cannot tell how much sarcasm is in your post! 

While I have built some simple utilitarian looking SET amps and appreciate that HIFI need not be jewelry, I think aesthetics matter.   If you're spending thousands of dollars you probably want to enjoy looking at the piece you bought.  

I'm not a home theatre guy, but I recently rehabbed my basement and bought a simple Marantz Home Theatre Receiver.  I was surprised at the smooth, liquid sound for the price.  
We have a nutch more interesting 3k integrated an italian made tube Hybrid eith a good built in usb dac

The unison gear is.magical the tube preamp stage imparts warmth and the power amp has plenty of punch and drive and the built in dac saves money and Space

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@jbhiller   Go to Google images, and look at the pics of the inside of the Ruby and the M30.  The M30 is a "budget" version of the Ruby, no copper plating, and they may have changed a few other minor things.  Read reviews on the M30 and check out how much of it is made of plastic, rather than metal.  Appearances can be deceptive.  The Ruby is still available, and while more expensive, it strikes me as the better long-term investment.  
I think the SACD 30n looks really interesting. 
Marantz MMM dac technology (DSD upconvert) like Ruby and SA-10 plus built in streamer. Transport unit in-house developed so should be supported long time with rug getting pulled. 
As to the plastic comment, most of the reviews say it is aluminum not plastic 
Yes, I suppose we cannot litigate the quality issue over Audiogon.  I have some experience, albeit I'm not an expert, building tube amps.  The innards of the 30 look very good. I would never expect them to look like the Ruby.  

I also think it's great to see Marantz making this product.  I think it helps HIFI.  
Also, from a review:
"Because of the design choices, the cabinets have become totally different than we are used to from the PM line. Just like the SACD 30N, the Model 30 has a symmetrical design with a kind of reworked front on both sides: they added some sort of structure to it. On those worked pieces shines the well known led strip. White this time. It looks cool. However, there is a bit of an odd design-choice: these ‘façades’ look like metal, but unfortunately it is not. It is plastic."
From (note “aluminum panels”):

Highlights of the Model 30
  • Tuned by Marantz Sound Master
  • HDAM discrete preamp includes hand-selected parts
  • 100W x2 into 8 ohms, 200W x2 into 4 ohms
  • Premium phono EQ simplifies signal path
  • Phono input compatible with MM and MC cartridges with selectable MC input impedance
  • Built to last: chassis consists of thick, non-magnetic aluminum panels and rigid steel top
  • Sturdy machined-brass CD and phono input terminals, high-purity nickel-plated speaker terminals
  • Stunning new look

Also see discussion Steve Hoffman forums where a dealer with a unit in his hands confirms front is aluminum 
I see nicely laid out products in both units, with substantial similarities.   I'm not sure what the issue is.  I would think Marantz needs to have a trickle down product in the $2500 range and the 30 is it.  Not everyone can afford the Ruby. 

I say way to go Marantz, for designing something that is also easy on the eyes.  
The inclusion of the streamer is awesome - if I didn’t already have the Ruby I’d scoop this in a heartbeat. Heard great things about the matching amp as well. 
To the questions on the front faceplate, it's been a tad confusing.  The large center piece (with the knobs and display) is for sure metal.  The finished side pieces are a little deceiving.  I do believe they are plastic, but it's very hard to tell (even with the unit in hand).  It's a very solidly built piece of gear.....and personally, I like the new styling (it looks quite a bit better in person then the online pictures).

There are many similarities b/t the new 30 units, and the RUBY units.  Like mentioned above, this is a good thing in my mind.  One can get performance sound wise very close to what the RUBYs offer, at a price savings due to a lower cost chassis.

I've sold a few of these so far, and those customers are really enjoying them.
does anyone who has the unit or otherwise knows whether this unit will play dvd-r discs that you burn yourself. 

stereo playback for SACDs, audio CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and DVD-Rs

so doesnt this mean its a universal player?

does the sa-ki ruby play dvd-r too?
I just received the Denon dcd 110 limited edition sacd player, compared with the oppo 103 it's s huge improvement. The Denon is very clean, highs are more real, you could say a velvet highs. The mids I thin is the better improvement, it gave s lot of body, more dense. The bass is very musical, it's strong and detailed without being boomy at all. In general s big soundstage, deep, tall and extended all around the speakers, they totally get lost in the soundstage. I wouldn't call forward or agressive in any way, just alive, real, gives you a sensation of intimacy with the music, very immersive. 
" does anyone who has the unit or otherwise knows whether this unit will play dvd-r discs that you burn yourself.

stereo playback for SACDs, audio CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and DVD-Rs"

Yes, up to 192Khz/24bit PCM and DSD 128x files on DVD-R or RW discs.  

The specs don't list DVD-Audio discs, so I would presume it will not play them.

I have the 30N and it is superb sounding and easily worth the money. I have previously owned the SA8005, the ND8006 and the Denon DCD-1600NE.  
Mine arrived in early February and quit reading sacd’s last Thursday (April 29th). Help from Sound United has proven challenging. The 60 day return window is closed and now I’m left to send it to an authorized service center.

It’s sad to me that my 7, 8b, 10b and even my 19 continue to deliver 5 decades on and this lasts less than 3 months.

Until it started acting up, it sounded great to me. Even redbook cd’s sounded decidedly better to me, granted my last player was an ancient Nakamichi (that still functions flawlessly).

It appealed to me as an elegant solution for adding streaming and Bluetooth, in addition to spinning discs, to my vintage home system. So much so, that I’ve just purchased another to tide me over while this one gets repaired. Perhaps I’ll gift the older one to my son.
I’m curious if anyone else has experienced a similar problem?

I have not had any problems with mine.  Really been enjoying it.  I also bought mine in February of this year I think.