New Magnepan

Word is that Magnepan will premiere a new statement loudspeaker to replace the 20.1 at CES. Maybe a new Tympani?
Well, I guess I am on hold then until I can get some more information. Too bad as I actually have the scratch and inclination to buy. Fortunately, CES is not too far off. Any speculation as to how long after CES it would be before the new speaker is actually available?
Just spoke with my Magnepan dealer. He says that Magnepan would not reveal what the new speaker is, but that they unequivocally stated that the 20.1 was not being replaced. My dealer says that he has heard rumors of a new "statement" speaker being designed and that his best guess is that the new speaker will likely be a higher end model. Thus, hypothetically, the new speaker will displace the 20.1 as the king of the hill, but the 20.1 will remain in the lineup.

Anyone else hear anything?
OK I will go out on a limb- the new model has an integrated sub with its own amp.....Avant Maggie. OK don't kill the messenger.

Is this a rumour that Magnepan will make a speaker that actually sounds listenable?
Only kidding..............

OK so the Audiophile company that has the documented greatest customer satisfaction and loyalty doesn't make a "listenable" speaker??

So what are you listening to? I hope you say a single driver design so it shows you just like something different than resolution and dynamics.