New Magnepan "Concept Speaker" introduced at Audio Connection

Just saw a Youtube clip by the Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg on this new design by Magnepan. He raved about these speakers on the realism that they created. Anyone else heard these???
mr_m:"Does it have conventional cone woofers like a hybrid, or no???"

     The 3.7i are dipole 3-way planar-magnetic panel speakers with a true ribbon treble section, a quasi-ribbon midrange section and a quasi-ribbon bass section.  The true-ribbon is very delicate and light weight foil transducer which results in it being very fast, accurate and detailed.  The quasi-ribbon transducers consist of a slightly heavier polymer material which are also quite fast, accurate and detailed but just not to the same extreme degree as the true-ribbon. Both ribbon types utilize precisely placed small magnets for controlling movement and sonic output.
     I was a bit concerned that the 3.7i's true ribbon treble might sound overly bright or harsh in my room currently lacking acoustic room treatments (soon to be remedied via several GIK products), thinking I likely would install the provided resistor to attenuate its output.  But I've been experiencing nothing but very high quality and detailed treble response thus far with no sense of brightness or harshness playing them unrestricted.

Josh358,  Thanks for that. Let’s hope a commercial version might give us a choice to use amps of our choice, if possible.  Time will tell.

You'll definitely be able to use your own amp on the panels.
If you get a chance a must audition of a planar magnetic speaker is the GT Audio Works.
TheyDo not use a crossover on the main 6 foot planar magnetic panel and rely upon a sophisticated open baffle servo woofer system.
Herb Reichert from Stereophile said they sounded fantastic at Capital Audiofest and said they could go toe to toe with any speaker cost no object.
I’m proof that a DBA can work with Maggie’s, I built my system around the concept. It’s all active with a mini DSP, 8 channels (4 subs) with 12 biquad filters on each. The filters were generated with an Earthworks Mic that measures +-30k using Room EQ Wizard, results plugged into Multi Sub Optimizer without any restrictions.  The results are breathless, total seamless integration. I had a friend over who notes that the 20.1’s were full range speakers and asked me to turn off the subs as he couldn’t hear them. I muted them and played the same piece and he couldn’t believe the difference. I just wanted to affirm the statements above that DBA’s work wonders and is the only real way to tame low end room distortion and seamless integration in my opinion.