New Magnepan "Concept Speaker" introduced at Audio Connection

Just saw a Youtube clip by the Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg on this new design by Magnepan. He raved about these speakers on the realism that they created. Anyone else heard these???
Thanks for all the informative responses to this thread. I have listened to several setups at various HiFi shops with the Magnepan 3.7i and have always liked the sound. One system had a REL sub connected to it and it sounded really punchy with the 3.7i's. Steve Guttenberg didn't say much about the build of the speaker other than it was a ribbon design. Does it have conventional cone woofers like a hybrid, or no???
Cheers to all, and Merry Christmas!
     I agree that the 30.7 is a great sounding pair of speakers but I'm really not looking to impress anyone except myself and my wife with my audio/video system and they're friggin'  $30K a pair.  Did I mention that I'm a frugal guy?
     I think a frugal music lover is a good description of myself.  I really enjoyed the 30.7 but never seriously considered buying a pair.  I'm frugal but willing to spend money on high quality audio equipment if I believe it's going to make my music sound better and I consider the equipment somewhat of a bargain.  I think that's what attracted me to the idea of a mini 30.7 system, although I didn't think of my system as a mini anything until I read this thread.
      I was just very interested in upgrading my almost 25 year old 2.7QRs to a pair of 3.7is and already was well acquainted with the high quality 4-sub DBA system that would be an ideal pairing with them.  In fact, I'm so frugal I was originally considering pairing my 4-sub DBA system with a pair of LRS or 1.7i until I auditioned a pair of 3.7i.  To satisfy my frugal and bargain hunting nature, I bought a pre-owned pair of 3.7i for about $2K less than a new pair.
     But I really do believe that combining a pair of 3.7i with a 4-sub AK DBA is one of the rare true bargains in high-end audio after experiencing the extremely high sound quality obtained through this bargain combination for a total of exactly 5 days thus far.  I live in a suburb just north of Indy if anyone lives in the vicinity and would care for an audition, just send me a pm.

janmnov, the panels were being driven by the Maggie 300, a 300 WPC amp that will be manufactured by the Minnesota Amplifier Company and that Wendell has been showing at some of his demos. The woofers had a large Bryston on them -- a commercial version would come with a dedicated woofer amp.
mr_m:"Does it have conventional cone woofers like a hybrid, or no???"

     The 3.7i are dipole 3-way planar-magnetic panel speakers with a true ribbon treble section, a quasi-ribbon midrange section and a quasi-ribbon bass section.  The true-ribbon is very delicate and light weight foil transducer which results in it being very fast, accurate and detailed.  The quasi-ribbon transducers consist of a slightly heavier polymer material which are also quite fast, accurate and detailed but just not to the same extreme degree as the true-ribbon. Both ribbon types utilize precisely placed small magnets for controlling movement and sonic output.
     I was a bit concerned that the 3.7i's true ribbon treble might sound overly bright or harsh in my room currently lacking acoustic room treatments (soon to be remedied via several GIK products), thinking I likely would install the provided resistor to attenuate its output.  But I've been experiencing nothing but very high quality and detailed treble response thus far with no sense of brightness or harshness playing them unrestricted.

Josh358,  Thanks for that. Let’s hope a commercial version might give us a choice to use amps of our choice, if possible.  Time will tell.