New Magnepan 1.7 Owner

Hi guys. I'm the proud owner of really, my first pair of Magneplanar speakers (I only spent a few days with the MG12 and decided to upgrade). I picked up my 1.7's yesterday in the aluminum trim. I will post a review soon.

Anyway, I wanted to ask a few questions about the simplest of upgrades, replacing the tweeter jumpers and fuses.

I need recommendations on fuses and most importantly, where I can purchase them. Also, I don't know much about electronics but I think the value of the fuse is the same as the 1.6 correct? 4A Large Fast Blow?

Also, tweeter jumpers. I have some Audioquest Banana connectors and some Audioquest speaker wire, should I remove the stock jumpers and replace them?

Thanks guys, much appreciated.
Go to, then click on "planar speakers",
There is more "Maggie" information there than you are able to read in your lifetime!

Len W
To my ears, there is a small but worthwhile audible improvement from replacing the stock jumpers. I used thick solid copper when I had Maggies.

I use the Cardas jumper kit with banana ends from and Hi-Fi Tuning fuses from on my Maggie 3.6R's. The Cable Company sells Hi-Fi fuses too, as well as lots of other places. I have Gold ones, but have never tried the silver onees. Both are reasonably priced, and you can get the jumpers on sale during summer sometimes. Signal Cable sells jumpers too.

Good luck. I will watch for your review of the latest and greatest...
I'm not necessarily recommending them because I didn't try to detect any sound improvement when I used them (I got speaker cables and jumpers at the same time and installed them all), but Anti-jumpers from Speltz may be an option for you. I liked the speaker cables.
You may want to try the Supplied resistor first to see how the tweeter level meets your room acoustics.
I don't know about the 1.7 but I've always found replacing stock jumpers to high quality jumpers to provide a substantial audible improvement in regular dynamic speakers. It is just about the most consistent and cost effective improvement I've ever seen.
Thanks for the info guys! I've checked out Audio Asylum and that seems to be the place to be. Review coming soon.
I am also a week old Magnepan 1.7 owner. I am finding th sound thick(improved aftermuch placement efforts) and the upper midrange hard, Short of changing amp and pre-amp-any cost effective suggestions?
Do you have the tweeters on the inside or outside?
Have you installed any of the supplied Resistors where the tweeter jumpers are yet?
Cheers Johnnyr
I, just this weekend set up a new pair out of the box hooked up to a Mcintosh 6600 integrated. It was dynamic, smooth and not at all harsh. I can't not substantiate the claim of, "I am finding th sound thick(improved aftermuch placement efforts) and the upper midrange hard." You may indeed need to change out associated gear.
to Audio connection:
I believe the tweeters are on the outside. Wrong or right?

To Ibog1: Doesn't the Mcintsh 6600(I heard them in NYC) cost three time the price of the speakers? They damn well should do the job. I will probably go with some version of Bryston? Any opinions?

Many thanks......You are all great
You need to put atleast 300 hrs on them before any serious, critical listening evaluation. To speed it up put some brown noise on repeat on your cd player to help with breakin. I also started with tweeters out but changed to inside position and the sound began to gel. I did change fuses to HiFi tuning 4a fast blow fuses. They are directional and need to be pointing towards the floor. I also replaced metal tweeter attenuator bar with a short jumper. If you are adventurous you can unscrew and remove plate on back and move the red wire from the fuse holder directly to the negative terminal and bypass fuse and tweeter attenuator. If you want to keep the fuse intact you can take black wire from bottom of fuse holder directly to negative terminal and bypass tweeter attenuator.
I'd wait until the speakers were run in before making ANY changes.
Do your initial setup than wait for maybe 20 or 30 playing hours.
readjust. Repeat until 100->200 hours or the urge to readjust passes.
Poster above likes 300 hours. Mine were about 80% at 50 or 60 hours with the balance over the next 100 or so. No beef with waiting longer, though.

THAN bridge the fuse out of the circuit and install the jumper of your choice.

I even ended up tweeters IN with toe to cross just behind my listening position. This gives a large sweet spot and good image. I also have the Mylar to the BACK not the front as issued by Magnepan. Sweet.
((to Audio connection:
I believe the tweeters are on the outside. Wrong or right?))

wrong try these on the inside you may still like em on the outside but I think you will like them on the inside better.

You still have not answered the Question
Did you try the supplied resistors in where the Tweeter jumpers go
This is more important than any anything.........
Please do both ASAP and let us know
Cheers Johnnyr
The tweeters can go inside OR outside.
You can even flip 'em backwards, so the mylar is to the back and the magnet assembly is to the front. I have mine that way now, and glad I did.

But, don't mess with anything until you have a 'baseline' established.
(I am also a week old Magnepan 1.7 owner. I am finding th sound thick(improved aftermuch placement efforts) and the upper midrange hard, Short of changing amp and pre-amp-any cost effective suggestions?)

Huh? The last thing I have found them to be is thick and hard. Light on their feet, gorgeously natural and beautifully integrated, these are some of the flat out easiest speakers I have listened to. They are revealing like many god speakers are but I have found them to sound good with even a $900, 60 watt integrated amplifier running
iTunes from a computer wirelessly! Seriously...these are truly delightful speakers and everyoe should hear them just to hear what $2,000 bucks can buy you these days.

Oh, and yes, change out that chunk of chrome metal for a nice copper jumper for a nice change to the tweeter.
Real fi Audiocr381ve e mailed he is making progress with the resistors although he hasn't posted yet
Crom is right. They need time. Mine improve every day. appologies if anyone was upset.
Magfan and Audio Connection: What do you mean by 'flipping the tweeters." And what is 'inside or out'- exactly. Thanks.
I may join the owners club on Tuesday... one last demo and then it may be time to pull the trigger as my dealer has the 1.7's in stock.

Will be my first time using a planar- nice to feel like there is a ton to learn out there.

I am also thinking about getting 1.7's. How do y'all think my Quicksilver V4 tube monoblocks (120plus per side) would sound with them. I talked to Mike at Quicksilver and he wasn't so sure that it would be a great match because of the Maggies needing so much power. Has anybody heard the 1.7's or 1.6's with Quicksilver amps? Thanks
To Elb: I am amazed at how good they are and potentially they can be. If your dealer is will let you have a pair (that fits your taste) grab it. They are generally hard to come by and maintain fairness Magnepan has distributed them fairly(so I heard). Dealers are somewhat reluctant to part with them without selling an electronics that are many time more costly than the speakers. There is often a two and half month wait time. I am very pleased and did not think I could replace a hybrid electro-static from yesteryear. The 1.7's are very good even out of the box.
Thanks Utley1.
Hi - It's great to have a dealer to work with on setup. I bought Mag 3.6 speakers and Nick was great at setting them up and advising on distances to rear wall, etc. They are also helpful in electronics matching and are sensitive to people's budgets. Break-in takes time; be patient and again, ask your dealer for help when needed. Enjoy!
Well... Tomorrow I head to the local mag dealer w cash in hand. I'll take a listen again and make sone decisions. Would be my first pair of magnepans.

I am in the club - and man, the chills have finally returned to my listening sessions. Happily sold my b&w 703's for these, and I'd do it all over again if I had to. They aren't even broken in yet- paired with a Bryston 3B and a REL sub- magic in the making.

Happy in Milwaukee.
Congratulations. Tell us its secrets when you can....
Well, I'm making progress, but as of now I am missing my Monitor Audio RS6's.

I'll start with saying I haven't done any mods to the speakers and that my room is supposedly horrid for the 1.7s. It's VERY hard to get these speakers sounding enjoyable if you don't have an adequate room. My MA RS6's are kicking their asses in every respect right now. I've tried 3 different stereo amplifiers, the NAD C272, Rotel RB-1080, and now I'm testing out a pro audio amp, the QSC RMX1450 @ 450wpc @ 4 ohms. Haven't gotten to do much A/B'ing between amps but my initial reaction to the pro amp is a very good and surprising one.

Anyway, I'm pretty much trying to take a Ferrari off roading right now. Next step is diffusion and absorbtion. I'll check in soon.
Audiocr, did you mention your room size and speaker placement as in distance from room boundaries? Thanks
Wanna know how the 1.7 sound? I've been breaking them in for several months now and this is my setup.

Tweeters on the inside. The speaker with the serial number ending in 2 is on the left when facing the speaker from the front.

Serial # 2 Serial #1

Anti-cable speaker wires and interconnects connected to a
NAD C375BEE integrated amp 150 watts 8 ohms.

Cambride Audio DacMagic and a Trends USB Audio Converter UD-10 lite with an Impact Velocity interconnect to my PC.

Foobar Software playing my files which are all ripped with EAC software.

Finally a PSB 5i subwoofer set at 150 crossover and volume set extremely low like 1/3 to the first dot. Connected with Impact Acoustics Sonicwave speaker cable.

How does it sound? Wow, wow, wow!!! and all less than $4500.00
Is anyone running 1.6s or 1.7s with modest Class A SS power? I have an Accuphase A30, which has only 60 watts/4 ohms, but lots of current.
has somebody tried with one of these:
I run 1.6's with 85 watt tube amp and can also easily drive my maggies to earth shattering volumes with 40 watt triode mode with my VTL ST-85 You need amps with large energy storage power supplies which tube amps generraly have