New Magnepan 1.6's vs. old IIIA's

I have a pair of magnepan IIC's that I purchased in 1987. I still like their sound, especially since I upgraded to a Bryston amplifier. I have a chance to buy a a pair of IIIA's that are in very good condition with recently replaced ribbons. Would I get better sound from a newer pair of 1.6's or would the IIIA's be better. Will the IIIA's be a significant improvement over my IIC's.
I owned MG-IIIa's about 10 years ago, and currently have
1.6QR's. The IIIa's have the ribbon tweeter which may
give slightly better extension at the top but the 1.6's
have a more coherent sound. Overall the 1.6 is a better
speaker in my opinion.
The MG1.6 reflects newer Maggie technology.
If you have a large enough room and a high currant amp able to drive the IIIa s with authority, they will definatly out perform the IIc s hands down and probably best the 1.6 by a fair margin as well. All the usual caviats regarding placement, room treatments and component symbiance will apply. At the price these are going for these days, IMHO there a tough act to beat.
I had both, I liked the MG IIIA's a lot better. Both were
in different systems though. I liked the 1.6's but loved
the MG IIIA's.