New Magico Speaker the Q3

Well am sure this speaker is well out of my price range but it looks pretty nice. Does anyone know what the retail price is?


Specs (use need to scroll over the picture to see the specs)
I'll spread the speculation that I have heard: low $30K's. Should be announced at CES.
Rumor has it that it will be between $35k-$40k.
34K will begin shipping in Spring 2011.
34k would be less than I was expecting. Magico is a pretty interesting brand at the moment with aggressive product development. I think it will only help them as a company but could hurt them too.

How long was the V3 out before the Q3 came out?
the Q3 looks very interesting to me but I have a big concern:

looking at the inner pictures of the Q5 & Q3 one can see all this aluminium pieces with littles holes ... are these for screws that are fixing it together ?

if they are using screws to fix the parts together how can they be sure that these screws won't suffer suffer under the vibrations and become sooner or later loose ???
"screw problem" here the picture

Q5 inner picture
Despite a projected rrp of USD34k I would expect real price when they hit the market (after inclusive of marketing $$$ etc.) to be more realistically around 38-40k. Studying from late Mini right through M6, and most recently their Q5 pre post launch pricing.
And yes, I too am a little wary of Clavil's concern. Where they are a believer of screws/bolts get loose over time, hence made in their V3 visible for easy/practical periodic tightening, here are something new (Q series) with hundreds of threaded innards which seems to be quite a feat (even if possible) for self maintenance. Well, unless they have figured out ways and are soldered in some ways for perpetual perfect retention.
James, assuming the Q3 is due next year, it's 3yrs or thereabout.
I think the ability of the user to tighten the pucks on the back of the V2 and M5 has more to do with the movement inherent in wooden enclosures due to temperature and humidity changes. These built up Baltic birch ply enclosures move over time. The aluminum enclosures should move less with changes in humidity. I don't know about changes in temperature. The other concern is the movement caused by the massive pressure inside the cabinets created by the sealed design. One would presume that Magico did extensive testing in the area.
Hi peterayer, yes, my main concern with the Qs is mainly due to what continuous massive internal pressure from powerful woofers in sealed enclosures would cause over time (where those numerous screws and threads reside).
There are several ways to make sure that the threads will not come apart. There is a type of Loctite that WILL NOT come apart unless it is heated. Another method is to physically stake the first thread of each fastener. This is an actual physical deformation of the thread. The end result is like if you have ever try to remove a nut from a bolt that has had the threads have been peened over, pretty much impossible. From the looks of the enclosure, this could be tougher to do unless a special tool is developed, but I am sure this could be done. I am sure that all of this was taken into consideration when the skeletons of these speakers were designed and built.
Csmgolf beat me to the same answer, calling Magico would give a good insight too.
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I have just seen the picture of your system ... how does the Soulution compare to the FMA ?
Clavil, so as not to steer off topic from thread subject, you might want to peruse my brief thoughts on that question which I have posted a while ago in a virtual system listing here entitled 'My Sanctuary'. Rgrds.
Loctite 222 (small). Easy to untorque and won't open due to vibrations.
Though, my guess they won't use that. Many rely on certain torque figures which i doubt is 100% sure. Some have had this problem with internal subwoofer amps and circuitboards etc.
I had this problem with a loudspeaker i bought back in 2000. That specific speaker pair was sent back to factory. It was not Magico. Why don't you mail Magico and ask how they execute this?