New Maggie Owner; What amp????

Dear fellow Audiots and audiomaniacs,
I just bought my first set of Magnepan/Magneplanar 1.6qr. I need to buy a good integrated amp. My budget is $1200. How much power do I need? Also, will the Audio Refinement Complete be enough power for the Maggie 1.6's. Thank you and best regards - hififile (Bennett)
I think you should listen to the Classe integrateds. If you could stretch your budget, you should check out a used Plinius 8150 integrated. I have heard Classe with the Maggies, and it is a nice match. In any case, make sure you have enough current to drive them.
Just wanted to add, I think 150 WPC would allow the 1.6qrs
to open up.
A Sim Audio I-5 would work very well.I prefer tubes but dont know enough about the Maggies to know if tubes work well with them.
I listened to it for months and decided to go with tubes.For a SS amp its very nice.
For $1100, you can order a 150wpc Odyssey Stratos from Odyssey Audio. I highly recommend this Amp. It is a leader in the "value for the money" category. I have been so satisfied with this purchase, I have purchased a second unit and will have them converted to Mono blocks. Check the reviews at Audio Review. The Buzz is real.
I don't own mags but I did hear the 3.6 with a byston 4bst and it did sound quite amazing. With a 20yrs warrantee. I myself run a bat vk200 with aerius i's and I am very pleased with that combo. My friend ownes the little mags, I think they are the MG not sure but they sell for around $600 and he bought my bryston 3bst and that combo sounds very good. But you have the 1.6 so if you consider bryston go with the 4bst. Good luck pete
You need at least 100 Watts at 4 ohms but 150+ is better, and the amp will need to have high current output for the best sound. For the best sound also make sure the amp is FAST. The Maggies are fast but an amp that is quick and has some slam will get the best sound.
I've heard several integrated amps and liked a Goldmund SRI best ($1200 to $1700 used). I also found speaker cables made quite a difference and running biwired got the last little bit out of them.
I have the Audio Refinement Complete powering my MMG's. I'm happy with the sound but starting fresh I would go for more watts.
I have SMGa's in one of my systems and with respect to the question "How much power do Maggies need?" the correct answer is always MORE. They really need as much power as you can give them to get them to "bloom." I am using separates with an amp rated at 315 wpc @4 ohms and it is definitely NOT overkill. It replaced an amp rated at 200 wpc @ 4 ohms that frequently ran out of steam at high listening levels.

Given your stated desire for an integrated and your budget, the two that come immediately to mind would be a used Krell KAV300 or Musical Fidelity A300. Either of these should have the muscle necessary to drive your Maggies. I would be hesitant to buy anything with substantially less power.
Docwarnock's post points to the fact that you've got to consider how loud you'll want to play them. So you've got to factor room size into the equation, along with your tastes. I settled on the Belles 150a Hot Rod (200 watts @ 4 ohms) and have been quite happy, it's been up to all the reviews I read on and from Sam Tellig. My listening room is about 500 square feet with a 16 foot cathedral ceiling. But, I don't listen at the levels some people do and could understand why some would enjoy more power. One thing that would give me pause about using the Musical Fidelity with Maggies is the light weight bass that reviewers report. I've found 1.6's to need equipment with a solid low end to sound their best in my room.
I have used these speakers with a Krell KSA100MkII this amp sounds like a tube amp but as mentioned elswhere in this post is a fast amp with a lot of bottom end. There was great synergy in this combo. I have seen it used on Audiogon for $1600-$2000. Good luck and enjoy.
I'm a Bryston fan by far and run 7B's with my Martin Logan's. A 4B ST amp would work well for your sonically and budget wise. Good Luck...
Hello My company deals the audio refinement while it is a great Integre It is not enough power to drive any Magnaplanar You need a very fast high current amplifier with 120 or better for 1.6 you should try the nad C370 It uses the same design in the amp section as the wonderful 218thx but with less power Thanks David