New maggie 1.7's ........ need help!

Tweeter inside edge or outside?   Thank you
So I assume you have tried both and do have a preference no?  Since we are not there, don't know your layout, equipment, music preference etc etc  why would you care what we have to say?  BTW, it's tweeters in with MY 1.7's...
Easy to try both and pick what you like. Typically Tweeters in give you better focus and out give you a bigger sound stage but depends on many other factors. The important thing is to get them at least 3 to 4 feet from tha back wall and a couple of feet from the side walls
The closer the panels are to the side walls, the better it is to have the tweeter strips on the inside---less sidewall reflection. Three feet from the wall behind the speakers is an absolute minimum, with five feet being much better. Five feet creates a 10 millisecond time difference between the front and rear waves reaching the listening position, the minimum time required by the ear/brain to perceived two sounds as separate events. That prevents the rear wave from "smearing" the sound coming from the front, the rear wave now being perceived as ambience.