New Luxman SACD/CD Player (MQA CD Encoder built-in)

Last November, Luxman announced their new top-of-the-line SACD/CD player (sorry, the link is in Japanese only), and it comes, inter alia, with an MQA encoder built in, and a ROHM DAC. This replaces their D-08u player. So it looks like Luxman believe the MQA market will grow--I'm guessing they're aiming for the domestic market? Recently, here in Japan, new issues of MQA CDs are just now coming into the market. 

I am tempted, as I have a D-06 player, and want to upgrade, but the price is high JPY 1,320,000 retail (about $12,000 USD) and I just bought the MQ-300 tube amp last fall.