New Luxman 507Z Integrated coming in October.

This is the first of the new updated Luxman integrated line. Some additions a needle type red LED between the meters to show volume. This can be turned on or off. ODNF has been replaced w/the latest sound /amplification feedback system called LIFES (Luxman integrated feedback system) This is also in their new amp the M-10X which is replacing the 900U. They are also improving the phono w/a new phono equalizer for MM/MC. The headphone amplifier has also been improved. Power 110 wpc at 8 ohms and 220 wpc at 4 ohm. Price $around $6200 includes tax. My local dealer is having his annual audio show in November. Luxman is going to be there so hopefully this integrated will be displayed.
I was hoping the chicago show was happening and Luxman was displaying the new gear....keep us informed on what you hear in November.....
Thanks for the heads up! I wonder if this will be the new entry level unit? I have a 505UXii which I love. Are they going to update the other integrated amps? 
Other changes are coming. 2025 marks the company's 100th year. So it will be releasing more upgrades.

I hope you are right about the price but the 550ii is a current model priced at $6500. I would probably guess $8000- $9000 since it replaces the 507 and 590ii. 

Turns out there's a PDF you can peruse with pictures of the front panel.



I doubt it will be priced 6500$, but more 7500$ if you consider price seen in Canada (12599CAN$, TBC), and if you consider it will replace BOTH 507uxMk2 & 590axMk2

Sorry for the double post, however, according to Luxman USA, the Z series will only be available for the 507Z for the immediate future. So for the time being, the 509X is about $900 more than 507Z. 

From what my dealer told me there will be an updated version of the 590AXii. They will use some of the internal upgrades from the Class A 595 SE integrated. Also look for the TT's to return. They are in the process of designing their own tonearm to replace the discontinued Jelco arm.

Na. Luxman is getting out of Class A. I would like to see a comparison between the new Z and the 509x

Luxman is still assembling their Class A 550AXII.  I ordered one a couple of weeks ago. It's the 590 that they've discontinued.