New Lux SACD unit

First day listening to a new Luxman D-05u player through my new Lyric integrated and my VS UniField3 MkII speakers.  Its magic.  Smallish system, big room (15 x 24), full sound, deep bass, leaves me wanting nothing more.  
Isn't sonic nirvana a beautiful thing?  I am enjoying my SACDs with my Oppo 105 outputting DSD into a Bryston BDA-3 via HDMI.  SACD is such a great format when it is well reproduced 

What was your previous SACD player? Can you please describe how the Bryston BDA-3 has improved over your previous source? I am interested in the BDA-3 as well.
I would refer you the Larry Greenhill review in Stereophile as my experience is fairly similar.  Previously I was listening to my SACD via my Oppo 105 in 2 channel .  Compared to the Oppo the dynamic range and soundstage have both noticeably increased.  The midrange in particular is superbly natural.  I was listening to Ralph Vaughn Williams 8 th Symphony-a Chandos  SACD with Richard Hickok conducting the London Symphony-and I had a "you are there" moment during the slow movement-everything was so beautiful and natural.
  There is a lot more detail, but not in a clinical, x Ray kind of manner.  When I go a live Concert, I am always struck by how much more Orchestral detail I detect on works that I thought I knew cold.  There are always details of percussion and subsidiary themes from the other instruments that even the best playback and recordings obscure.  With the Bryston it's all there, but not unnaturally highlighted

Thanks for sharing your experience. It looks like the new Oppo 205 would be my upgrade path for now, and eventually the Bryston, since it accepts HDMI.

Did not mean to derail your thread. I checked OnAHigherNote site and this player seems fairly new. Interesting. What was your previous player? Looks like I might get to hear the Luxman at AXPONA this year.
Please pardon one more BDA-3 digression.  I have a Sony XA5400ES which has an HDMI output.  Has anyone tried running the 5400ES through the BDA-3.  I am thinking of getting the the BDA-3 to attach to a streamer but if I could improve my 5400ES that would be a bonus.  The BDA-3 does accept DSD doesn't it?
milpai, I had a Marantz 8001 as a placeholder until I got this new unit. My main system has a Lux D-06, probably 5 years old or so, feeding a Lux 509u integrated feeding Vandersteen 5A speakers, also have a TT that is rarely used. I have been going for simplicity the last years, too many boxes, connections, etc. and have no regrets, I love the sound in each room, both wonderful set ups (I think). I got the D-05u without hearing it, not knowing much about it, however am very familiar with the D-06 so I took the chance, and have the possibility now of using the new player to play back music from a lap top, if I ever decide to go that way. One addition, I have been told that Phillip and On A Higher Note may not be Lux importers any longer, and that makes me sad, he was very helpful to me when I got the units for the main system.
I used to own the Marantz SA8260 for a number of years and am familiar with the Marantz house sound. Can you please compare and contrast the Marantz 8001 Vs the 2 Luxmans? What about the differences between the 2 Luxmans? The D-06 seems to be much more pricier piece of equipment.
BTW, it looks like you have a nice setup. You should post some pics.
embarrassed to admit that I also own the Sony XA 5400 ES in a different system, have wondered the same, and haven't tried it.  The problem is that since I first created the system with the Sony, which sits in a surround system in our main living room system, which I rarely use, and we have created built ins to house the components.  I use a professional installer for that system and it's now difficult to reach behind AVR and disconnect anything.  I had back surgery a few months ago and the contortions required to do this just aren't worth it.  I've been thinking about replacing the 5400 and the BRP in that system with one box and selling off the 5400, but as it seems that Uncle Sam is going to dispose of my disposable income before I could dispose of it this year, this project will have to wait.
  However, to answer your question, I strongly suspect the 5400 DSD will play through the Bryston.

milpai, I am not the kind to sit and come up with a list of features to distinguish, but when I had the 8001 in the system I thought I might have made an error with the speakers and/or amp, but then I put in the lux and its like Art said on the stphile site: detailed without etch, and tonally well-balanced from top to bottom. I heard some harshness and hard top end, brightness, wished I had a tone control to tamp it down, but its not there now, no glare, no hard edges, just a sound I can sit back and listen to and not worry about getting fatigued. As for a comparison of the two units (the 5 and the 6) they are in different systems so can't really say. I do have tone controls in the big system (I know, not an audiophile) and use them with many CDs from the 60s, like any Motown disc, I turn down the top, turn up the bottom, and its night and day.