New LP's and Warping

I know its a reality of the format. Vinyl can and does warp. I have plenty of records that have warps, they play fine. I've been noticing lately though, that a more prevalent amount of new vinyl is lip-warped. This never bothers me when its a limited pressing of an indie record that maybe sat in a distro for years, it'll play, I'm just happy to have found it.

My complaint is when I spend 15 bucks on a new pressing of Coltrane-Coltrane on Impulse Records and its severely warped. Its annoying, and frustrating. This is actually the first time I've asked a store to return it. They made it right, but probably only because I'm a repeat customer.

So, how do you guys approach this? Do you consider it a "cost-of-war" type thing where you just accept it, or are there some release when you fight for that glass-flat copy?
Warped LPs should be returned. One of the biggest problems is that whole batches can be warped so they give you a replacement and it is just as bad. I often ask if the record can be taken out of the cover and spun, without dropping the needle, on a turntable, to see if it is warped. In this situation I guarantee that, if the record is flat, I will buy it.

Warping is becoming a fact of life, but it just shouldn't be. Would you buy a bike with buckled wheels? I wouldn't and I expect a new record to be flat.

I've had the same prob. with some of the Coltrane 180 gr re-issues on Impulse.. not sure why, what with the heavier vinyl and all. Yeah I just play 'em, my setup tracks 'em fine, but that record warp is NOT good for my speakers and I have to watch the driver excusion and volume.
This is one of the reasons I LOVE my Basis Debut Vac. Turntable.....warped records...., who cares, doesn't matter!!
That's why VPI has a perephiry clamp.
Dear Fightingwords: IMHO and specually for the very high prices that the LP have today I think that warps on it is a " severe " irresponsible on the manufacturers/builders: they almost don't care about.

We pay between 20.00 to 50.00 dollars ( some times more ) for new LPs and they give us those LPs with many " troubles ": warps ( even in 200grs LPs. ), off-center, clicks/pops, even " trouble " on the mastering/re-master.

I know that those LPs today manufacturers ( thank you for that! ) can do it better and I hope that in the short time they really take care about.

The subject is not if the " retailers " change the warped LP, IMHO the real subject is that those LPs must come with out warps and the like, I think we are paying for a better LP finish product.

Regards and enjoy the music.