New LP Returns

I have recently begun buying a lot of new LP's, new pressings that is. In general they have been great, but in a couple of instances I have had problems that I never encountered "Back in the day". I got a version of Tres Hombres with a dimple in the vinyl. I took it back immeadiatly, and the guy was great, ordered me a now one, which sounds great by the way, but told me that they manufacturer does now warranty the records and he will have to eat it?

Is that right?

At another shop, which I frequent and really try to give them a lot of business, I got a 180 version of Zenyota Mondata recently, and it had a scratch in the groove from the first playing. No cleaning could get the scratch out, he of course took it back and gave me store credit, but did say it looked like a "needle burn" scratch (not from my needle!!) but he also said he would have to eat that cost.

I find that a bad business practice if the record companies are doing that. I am at a quandry as to what to do with my favorite record store because when I brought in the Police album for return I picked up a new 180g version of the Joshua Tree and it is the worst pressing of an album I have ever gotten. Marks all over it across the grooves. The 4th side has a loud rythemic rasp from the mark in it. No amount of cleaning has helped.

Should I bring this back? I feel weird doing that, but I don't think I should eat the album, I won't play that side again. They all look bad, that is the only side that plays poorly. What should I do? Can I go to the record company? I really like the relationship that I have struck up with this guy, he has ordered me some great stuff, and will call me if he gets something used in that he knows I will want. Great guy, I don't want to stick him with these records, so what's the solution??
"Back in the old days" LP producers never took back returns either. The thing was dealers and distributors could usually shuffle the defectives into the 'overstock' and process them out. (Record companies used to make huge quantities of 'pop' records they knew would not sell..)
Now, the records are pressed in small (comparatively) batches.. and no-one has any wiggle room.
The dealers ARE 'eating' the cost of returns 100% now.
Makes you wonder why anyone would bother selling LPs.
I bought a pretty expensive 180g Blue Note recently that looked like it had been dropped at the factory. Scratches on both sides and at least one skip. Acoustic Sounds took it back and replaced it with no problems at all. That sucks that they have to eat that because it was clearly something that happened at the factory. It was sealed like that when I got it.
I noticed the last 3 albums I purchased were warped and 1 {Lucinda Williams} was warped and looks like it had been dropped and finger prints on it! Brand new!

My Coldplay Parachutes was so bad I ate the $20 I spent on it and took it to my record store for credit.

Is there a way we can start an email thread on our dislikes of the record companies? How could we get it to the right people?

Mac The biggest problem,I see for you,at some point won't the dealer decide you are too anal?From a business standpoint he may lose more than he gains.At that point you lose the most valuable part of this equation,the fact that he calls you with "something used that he knows I will want".It's used,it's open it's a known quantity and probably cheaper to boot.My suggestion is to keep him informed,and see what he thinks.
I have heard that some dealers will actually refuse to do business with you if you are returning too many. I guess
we as consumers need to send the record companies a message. BUt it could backfire and we lose the records altogether. But economic boycott is a strong message for anyone expecially now. I have really slowed down on buying records because it is ridiculous to spend 30 bucks plus shipping and hear the ticks and pops right out of the sleeve. I am all for a strong letter to the record comapnies if we can get organized. I would think that the Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds of the world would be behind it as well. Keep us posted.
It's crazy that this is happening not only to you as a consumer, but to your dealer. Furthermore, if you are getting bad pressings, so are his other customers and he will be unable to survive if his customers decide that they have had enough. You should ask him how many other customers have had this problem and maybe he needs to compile some sort of list of complaints and forward it to these record companies. The dealers are the ones that should start the ball rolling with this, as it will affect their business profits and perhaps they will lose customers that make other types of purchases as well. I just can't fathom this lack of quality control, especially with the prices they are getting for vinyl nowadays. Good Luck!!
I usually eat them and am just glad to be able to purchase new records locally at all. Lost Highway and Scorpio seem to have virtually no quality control at all. I did break with tradition and return the Nick Drake "Fruit Tree" boxed set. It was just miserable, pressed somewhere in the Eastern Block and warped, dull, scuffed, vinyl that you would pass up in a second at the Goodwill. Then again, I have British Island pressings of most the albums anyway.
An aside about LPs. Back in the day when LPs were the only choice.. the records were pressed every day all day.. in real factories. The folks pressing them had YEARS of experience.. and knew how to run the pressing machines.
Now.. All the old dudes who USED to make LPs are either dead or retired. The LPs are pressed in (relatively) small batches, from cold equipment. And they are probably in a hurry.
The making of good pressing was an art. The speed and temperature has to be just right for each sampling of vinyl stock. Who has the time to make certain that it is right? the guys pressing them most likely do not give a damn. The warping is from improper temps while pressing AND after the LP is removed from the mold. Cleanliness is a problem too.
Anyway.. Realize the LPs pressed today are small-batch products.. Made by neophytes.
I agree with Cycloniman on that piint that the dealers should be the catalyst of a formal protest. But the record companies need to realize that the end user is unhappy and that if they were to try to bypass the dealer with direct sales that we would not be interested. The only factor in that is that they most likely won't take that avenue as we would be returning to them. That might be the only way to have it corrected. Squeaky wheel get the oil.
Hi new to collecting records, just started last year and Ive noticed more and more larger chains picking up LPs as a collectors items and such, Ive picked up some of the Radiohead reissues and a few other major ones(Mars Volta and NIN) and fortunately I haven't had any of issues listed so far.

I work in a print store and at one point we had bought 2 bad rolls of vinyl(graphics film) from different brands too, we had to tell them that it happen before they started checking batches. bottom line they wont do anything about it unless they hear there is a problem, they wont do anything.

though I heard good things about the new Hendrix axis reissue and I was pleased with my Radiohead, though Ill admit I have only been collecting for less than a year and Im still learning stuff.
Although this takes some leg work and a few headaches...I would scrounge for used original copies of your favorite LPS which can be had for song...for example the original Police albums are cheap and sound very good...if you like some and dont like could then go the premium audiophile route...and still be ahead...Santana lps sound great and often outperform the new reissues...for a fraction of the cost...however....used Lps for FLoyd,stones,zep,beatles,etc....are often way overpriced...and in spotty going new would be a better option IMHO...
Ive been doing a lot of flea market bin diving, and yes floyd stuff is always overpriced, but thankfully I wrapped up my collection for the most part. but the bad thing about flea markets is the prices are always volatile, some stuff I would like to just buy the original(ie love's four sail, cheapest used ive seen was 30$ and it had the edge slit) but sometimes I get lucky like the time I found a mint unplayed looking copy of super tramps breakfast in america in the $1 bin I try to go with witch ever is the better deal price/condition wise.