New LP Cleaning ?

Do brand new LP's need to be cleaned? I use Premier to remove the mold, is it necessary to clean them outside of this?
It's a good idea. In my experience, new records that are not cleaned tend to be noisy. Worst case is it can't hurt.
I always clean new vinyl as thoroughly as bargain bin stuff. Too many incidences of grunge in the grooves, mold release, dust, fingerprints, etc. I often hear noisy surfaces right out of the sleeve.
Best practice is to always clean before the first play. There's no telling what has gotten into the grooves in the handling and packaging process, and no telling what is left behind from the pressing process itself. Why risk damage from grinding debris into the walls of your vinyl? Plus, the cleaned record WILL sound better once cleaned, even if new.

I don't know the "Premier" product to which you refer, so I can't offer advice there. Many people here are getting excellent results with either Audio Intelligent or Walker Audio Prelude cleaning fluid systems.

(Oops, sorry for the duplicative response. Posting simulanteously.)
Hi Autodexr,

Doug Deacon showed me a Premier-like product that he uses for new lps. It takes just a quick shot and a quick wipe around with a lint free cloth. One of the microfiber cloths should do nicely. I don't remember what the stuff was so I just bought the Premier and I do use it for new lps. What can it hurt to give a quick spray and wipe?

However. . .

I do follow that application with another cleaner and a rinse and I strongly suggest that you do the same after using Premier. I happen to use AIVS but there are other cleaning products that work.
Since we switched to the current generation of AI products I'm less and less convinced the Prelude is necessary (and it is a potential carcinogen - don't snort the stuff!). I still use it because I have a bunch of it and it takes almost no time. Products like AI or Walker Prelude take substantially longer to use, but they do a much better job.

In response to the original question, I concur with the others that new LPs should be cleaned. Newly pressed vinyl contains mold release chemicals which, if not removed before play, gum up the stylus, muddy the sound and hold onto airborne dust and other contaminants.
If anyone is wondering about the difference in sound quality of a new record cleaned or not cleaned, simply play a brand new record then clean it and play it again. 'Nuff said!