New line of Triangle Magellan ESW2?

After the Grand Concert and the Concerto, there are three new additions: Quatuor, Cello and Duetto. Anyone knows about ballpark pricing and what they are worth (sound-wise) compare to the ESW line?

Unfortunately, I feel they got way overpriced on their way across the Atlantic... The SW2 versions are praised in the European press for being MUCH nicer than the previous generation. I was very interested in the Cello and found their price in France of 6600 Euros to be attractive so I inquired about the US price:

$12,499 retail for the standard finish, and $13,999 for the Burr Walnut finish

I feel that is a ridiculous markup. It will be extremely difficult to get that much for them in the US market. I think many people shopping in that price range would rather get Revels, Focals, Wilsons, etc. instead. At, say, $9000 they had a chance but at $13k?? It is just poor marketing - it's too bad for Triangle. Oh well.

Aball: I agree that this is ridiculous and I was looking at a pair of Atlantic Acoustique Argentera: 6,000 euros, $12,000 Canadian....insane, the ESW2 Cello is even worst. I guess when in Rome.....will stick to NorAm speakers then, after all, Avalon, Focus, Verity, Tyler, are no piece of rag and friendly priced compared to most European brands.
So what, $4,000 US for a apir of Duetto?
Most European gear will be far too pricey in the USA. It works the other way too. I was looking at the new CJ CA 200 integated, its about $6000 in the US, over £6000 in the UK, thats about $12000. The question is, who is making the profit. Here, it is not the retailers, but usually the distibutors.
Arthur is right, it's just poor marketing. I'm french and I quite well know Triangle. There is a lot of problem with Triangle's marketing in France. They change models every 6 months (202/ES/ESW...) and sell cut-price oldest models. It's a big problem for second-hand marketplace. Even the current models can be found at reduced prices without negociation. Recently I heard Cello SW2 and seller proposed 2000 euros reduction without negociation from me. You could think it's good for buyer and it's true but if someone buy them at public price and want to sell them, he can't because profesional seller sell them the same price !!! In France, you can Find Triangle speakers everywhere (internet, home theater supermarket...) at aggresive prices, that is the reason why a lot of traditional HIFI sellers don't want to sale Triangle anymore.
For example, such problems don't exist with B&W.

Despite all that, I really love Triangle loudspeakers ;o).

Sorry for my bad English.
Finally auditionned a pair of Cello, as HiFi as you can get, resolution, resolution, resolution. To each his own.
Ah yes, but with what electronics? Hook up a Unison 845 tube amp and it will be a different story...I guarantee it. You cannot simply audition speakers - you can only audition systems.


As a matter of fact, it was with a Unison Sinfonia as the dealer carries both lines (should say carried both lines on a trial period). Still, I stand by my statement. Source was DcS P8i.
Beheme, I think the source, more than Cello's, is responsible of the result...