New Life with Tubed Amplification BAT VK-55SE's

For reasons uninteresting to most others, I've been bereft of upper shelf audio for about three years. Now finding myself in a new home, I once again have a dedicated room. WOO HOO!

To celebrate, I've ordered a pair of BAT VK-55SE monoblocks, to replace my former SS amp. I plan to drive a Vandersteen 5 with each, running through a modified TVC-based Bent Noh passive, built for me by John Chapman of Bent Audio fame. For inputs, I have three turntables on the analog side, using a highly modified K&K phono stage, and a now rather pedestrian Sony SCD-XA777ES on the CD side.

Having never monoblocked before, my first order of business is acquiring some decent shorter speaker cables to replace my 4m set. Currently have 6m Audioquest Colorado XLR connections between passive and amp. I'm not certain power cord upgrades are necessary beyond my Shunyata Taipan alphas.

As for questions...can anyone offer experience using a similar setup...give me a taste of what to expect? I've not owned tubed AMPLIFICATION before and my only real concern is how it will preform with the passive stage.

Any cabling suggestions, particularly with respect to 1m speaker cables would be appreciated. At that length, I gotta figure less could be at least equal if not more. Too, I have not found significant differences among power cables on the SS amps I've owned of much higher power, is it different with tubes.
I recently installed Level 3 Anti Cables at 4 ft each connecting Manley NEO 250s to Thiel CS6s.

Price and sound is very satisfying.
I hope you don't live in the sunbelt. The BAT amp puts out a lot of heat. I had to put my VK55 to bed in early May. Two of them will be real toasty.
Do experiment with power cords. The differences are clear on my VK55. I found the best match with a PS Audio 12g cord. I would think your Shunyata cords will function well.
I prefer an active preamp, but that's just me. Let us know how it works out.
Your Colorado is very good cable. You have to biwire the Vandersteen's so why not send the cables back to AQ and have them make 2 pairs? Also, make sure you get 1/4 inch spades. Anything bigger and it probably won't fit the barrier strip.
Rhljazz, I definitely will let you know how it works out. Toasty, eh? LOL, I'll crank the AC for the long listening session in summer and save it back on winter heat! Appreciate power cord recommendation.
Zd542, the Colorados I have liked, but they are the interconnects I've been running. I've been using four Ridge Street Audio Midnight Silvers to bi-wire the Vandersteens, however, those cables have developed shorts and I can't seem to raise anyone at RSA any longer. Yes, that barrier strip can be limiting.
Steve, I have heard other good things about those cables. I may have to give them a look see and listen hear. Thanks
I think you would be surprised on a power cord upgrade on those amps. They draw a lot of current and the newer Shunyata cables are pretty darn great. The versions you have a great to...but the advances shunyata have made will surprise you...
Thanks, Jfrech. I'll likely give the Taipans an initial go and maybe roll something else in once all else is dialed in. Similar to the speaker cables, I'm hoping to keep the PC's ASAP (as short as possible)! ;)

I should also be asking about footers/points under tube amps, since I'm rather clueless in this regard. My initial approach will be to use Osiris amp stands....but what between?
The top end of the Vandersteens work very well with tube amplifiers. Its nice to have a little power- our customers with the 5s usually use them with a set of our MA-1s.