New LessLoss Blackground 10x Power Base

Impressions from owners please?


So you plug it into the same outlet that your audio system is plugged into?

That’s correct. My 100hr run-in ended this weekend & I’m quite pleasantly surprised & extremely pleased. In my opinion, the changes improve SQ & are not subtle at all. In fact, you will hear these benefits within 48hrs. Increased layering producing a deeper soundstage, touch more reverb, lingering decay, revealing, more engaging. One gets a much better feel for the room where the recording was made. You will definitely hear things you never heard before in your favorite tracks. I feel myself being drawn in on an emotional level providing hrs of relaxed, musical & non-fatiguing listening. The Blackground 10x Power Base is truly a component level improvement, especially if jazz, acoustic, classical & live music are your thing, prepare to be godsmacked!

You’ve got to be making all this stuff up. I know people who have recovered from cancer they don’t feel as good as you do after buying a power conditioner. This is all just crazy, you really don’t hear yourself…. Everything you say is you convincing yourself that you hear a difference that’s why you hear a difference.

My early impressions of the Blackground 10x Power Base...

I am enjoying the LessLoss Blackgound 10x Power Base very much. Most notably it's much easier to imagine the room in which the recording was made. This may be attributed to more precise layering of instruments & vocals and that lends itself to a deepening of the soundstage. Enhanced reverb adds to decay lingering longer. PB also creates a more revealing stereo presentation. I'm now able to hear details in my favorite tracks that I never heard before. Finally, and perhaps the first thing I noticed, bass from the REL had to be backed down, however, the subwoofer sounded more nuanced and musical as a result. In short, these changes were not subtle at all and improved SQ beyond my expectations. I'm not exaggerating when I say I'm gobsmacked!

My early impressions of the LessLoss Blackground 8x Dual Cannel Speaker Base

We'll, I must admit I wasn't prepared for how much the Blackground 8x Dual Channel Speaker Base would contribute to the already spectacular 10x Power Base. From the moment I heard the first track, I knew I was in for treat. It's as if you're able to reach out and hold each note & vocal in your hand. Never has the listening experience felt so tactile. Now if you'll excuse me while I pick up my jaw from off the floor!