New LessLoss Blackground 10x Power Base

Impressions from owners please?


So you plug it into the same outlet that your audio system is plugged into?

That’s correct. My 100hr run-in ended this weekend & I’m quite pleasantly surprised & extremely pleased. In my opinion, the changes improve SQ & are not subtle at all. In fact, you will hear these benefits within 48hrs. Increased layering producing a deeper soundstage, touch more reverb, lingering decay, revealing, more engaging. One gets a much better feel for the room where the recording was made. You will definitely hear things you never heard before in your favorite tracks. I feel myself being drawn in on an emotional level providing hrs of relaxed, musical & non-fatiguing listening. The Blackground 10x Power Base is truly a component level improvement, especially if jazz, acoustic, classical & live music are your thing, prepare to be godsmacked!

You’ve got to be making all this stuff up. I know people who have recovered from cancer they don’t feel as good as you do after buying a power conditioner. This is all just crazy, you really don’t hear yourself…. Everything you say is you convincing yourself that you hear a difference that’s why you hear a difference.