New less expensive HK replaces NAD

I replaced my old NAD 3240PE with an HK 3385. Although I could tell the NAD was the better unit with more power and punch, the highs were very harsh, listening was fatiguing and channel separation was awful. The HK is smooth and non-fatiguing using the same speakers. Did the NAD degrade with age?
to say the hk is great bang for the buck, may not be high enough praise. its one of the best receivers in the marketplace....and the fact that it costs a fraction of other integrated amps and receivers that sound no better is something that is a bit of an enbarrasment to some audiophiles.
I owned the HK 3370 (70 wpc) and found it to be a good performing amp that was unfortunately paired with a less than average FM tuner. The HK had a smooth sound that was best for background listening and not critical listening. At the time, I used a Pioneer PD 65 cd player and Acoustic Research 302 speakers with the HK. The HK broke down after a number of months and I replaced it with a NAD C320BEE, which was superior to the HK in every way (I wrote a review of the NAD C320BEE here .

If I were recommending a receiver today, it would be the Outlaw RR2150.

Regards, Rich