New Led Zeppelin

I've just bought the new Zep DVD-a double disc set featuring 5 hours of Zep coverage from '69-'79-the visuals aren't always pristine but the sound is awesome.
Features loads of different snippets from various locations-funniest being a French TV performance where a whole orchestra can be seen watching on alongside a frankly bemused looking audience who look as if they've turned up for an evening of classical music and Zep just blast it out.
Also picked up the triple live CD How The West Was Won-again the sound is awesome-haven't heard it all in detail but it mashes TSRTS soundtrack in it's wake-looks a little overblown in places but some nice unusual tracks to hear.
Both essential for Zeppelin fans and it really strikes home how brilliant they were in their heyday.
Thanks Ben. I'll pick it up. Even the recent "reunion" television show was quite good. Can't get enough Zep!

TSRTS is quite disappointing, I'm very interested in better quality Led Zep recordings. Since you didn't mention the title of the new release, can you point me to a site that has the set list and such? Like all Zep fans I'm in bad need of a 28-minute version of Dazed and Confused.
Is the DVD Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS? I love concert DVD's on my 106" Da-Lite movie screen.
Any word if these re-masters will make to vinyl? And is the
CD done is Hybrid?
Ok the double DVD set is simply called LED ZEPPELIN DVD.
The sound is in PCM stereo(which is all I use and is incredible)Dolby 5.1 and DTS-I have a friend who has heard it in 5 channel and raved about it.
I'm not going to give the full track listing that can be found elsewhere on the web ( however there's nice film menus,lot's of little extra clips including promo's and interviews.
However the main events are the Royal Albert Hall 1970-various TV European TV clips-1969,outtakes from TSRTS,Earls Court 1975 and Knebworth '79.
It's over 5 hours of stuff and it is blinding, easily I would say the best live footage of any band I've seen-the power of the early performances is incredible and you can see how the band matured and added more subtle touches as they progressed.
The triple live CD (How The West Was Won) is not a hybrid and I have no idea if it will make vinyl-check their official web site.
Tracklisting for that is also available on any CD purchasing site.
It contains 18 tracks.
Anybody know is this is on Kazaa yet? I like to "try before I buy" if u know what I m ean....zep rules...
Here are the tracks. I picked one up today and it sounds great.

DVD 1 tracklisting: 1) We're Gonna Groove 2) I Can't Quit You Babe 3) Dazed And Confused 4) White Summer 5) What Is And What Should Never Be 6) How Many More Times 7) Moby Dick 8) Whole Lotta Love 9) Communication Breakdown 10) C'mon Everybody 11) Something Else 12) Bring It On Home

DVD 2 tracklisting: 1) Immigrant Song 2) Black Dog 3) Misty Mountain Hop 4) Since I've Been Loving You 5) The Ocean 6) Going To California 7) That's The Way 8) Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 9) In My Time Of Dying 10) Trampled Underfoot 11) Stairway To Heaven 12) Rock And Roll 13) Nobody's Fault But Mine 14) Sick Again 15) Achilles Last Stand 16) In The Evening 17) Kashmir 18) Whole Lotta Love
I paid $20.97 at

DVD Features:

Region 1
Keep Case
2 Disc Set

Full Frame - 1.33


Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
DTS Surround 5.1 - English
PCM 24 bit/96 khz - English

Additional Release Material:

Outtakes - 1. Danish and French Television Performances
Additional Footage - 1. Fan-shot bootleg performance of "Heartbreaker"

Production Interview - 1. Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones - From Australian Television

2. NBC Interview - Led Zeppelin

Behind the Scenes Footage - 1. Knebworth
I just got and played the new dvd in dts. Amazing how well the old recordings were remastered! Great job. Although all the tracks were excellent, the Albert Hall concert is the standout.
Just like being there.

The title is "How The West Was Won." See short review in latest Rolling Stone (they loved it).
Thanks for heads up on the Led Zep DVD release. Not that I want to lay a whole lotta "been there done that" hot air on my fellow 'gonsters, but in the travels of my wayward youth, I did manage to make it to both of their Kenbworth shows. They never sounded better, and they played a bunch of songs that hadn't been performed on their 77 US tour. I am surprised that material form the 75 Earl's Court shows was included. By legend and reputation, (and by Robert Plant's own admission), the Earl's Court gig was definitely not up to snuff.

Once I get my hands on a copyof the DVD, I'll share a quickie review.
Check out$17.99 shipped.
Tweakgeek-the Earls stuff footage is great as is the Knebworth stuff-I think they've cherry picked performances from the later stuff to ensure there isn't anything substandard-performance wise.
Plant has a habit of being a bit critical-he's not a big fan of Knebworth either..................
I can't over how amazing the DVD sounds, even the material from 1970. Terrific recording...the band is in tune and Plant is right on key the whole time. Does anyone know if anything was overdubbed to "help" the original recordings. Whatever magic was performed was expertly done.
Tvad-my understanding is no although sometimes the audio and film were sourced differently from the same performance.
The version of Immigrant Song on the second disc from Australia is the only performance were seperate film (Ausralia) and music (America) have been spliced from completely different sources which would explain the jerky frame effect used as obviously it would be impossible to match them.
Of course it wouldn't be hard to imagine the odd overdub to smooth the thing out.
I think what maybe disproves this to a large extent is how selective they've been on editing the actual gigs.
Earl's Court and Knebworth filming must amount to at least 6 to 7 hours of material-on the disc itself it's edited down to (guessing now) about 2.5 hours.
I think there were probably ropey performances in there which simply didn't make the disc.................
I take it the DVD is multi 5.1?
Both 5.1 and stereo-as stated above.