New Lampizator Level 4/ Version 4 DAC in the house

Wonder if any other new owners of this DAC are out there as I find it to be the finest digital playback I have heard to date. This is the first digital front end piece of gear I have owned that has transformed my music.

Ya, other digital gear does this or that better, but this Lampy breaks through to a new level of musical enjoyment. Clear view into the music helping the speakers just disappear. Only 24 hours of break in and the music flows so sweet, intimate and seemingly without boundaries.

Looking under the hood I see an impressive power supply with films caps and several high quality chokes. Point to point silver wired except for the digital and USB boards. This is a three tube player that is tube rectified. One has the option for SS rectification if desired.

Ya, I love this Lampy!
Abruce, is it French for "Bendix tubes are fabulous"? Agon is so educational.
Chatnoir, in response to your question about replacing the 5U4C with a Bendix, that should work. My Lamp had a 6x5 installed but also came with a 5U4C. I put a Bendix rectifier in my Lamp and it is wonderful. More palpable sound and images suspended at different depths, even more so than with the TungSol recti i had previously.

I don't think I have been happier with any single piece of equipment than the Lampizator 4. I hope I don't have to hear a Level 5 or 6 because I don't need to know there is anything better than the 4 and am pretty content with where I am and have spent enough this year.

Speaking of spending more money, has anybody compared the Lampizator Transport to a well set up Mac Mini system? Having said I dont want to spend any more, I do want to move to a computer based system. Using an Oppo 103 as a transport now but frustrating that it can't send high resolution SACD DVD through coax.

Had both. LT had that tube sound to it. Did 88 and that was it.

New MM setup by Larry Moore is a different animal than the LT. Let's say I am not running after another LT.