New Lamm models in sight??


I'm interested in buying a Lamm M 1.2 amp. However, a (not Lamm) dealer told me that there will be soon new Lamm models to replace at least the current M 1.2.

Do you have any news about that?

Why don't you send an email to Lamm? Elina from Lamm is very nice and will answer your question.
Yes, I'll try, however, many manufacturers do not reply very openly as they do not want to compromise the sale of the current products.
Did not call yet as I'm thinking about buying a Pass XA 100.5 instead of the Lamm due to their better top end (as far as I have heard/read). Unfortunately I do not have the possibility to review the Lamm at home, however, I will be able to audition the Pass at home.