New labels to sample....

Ok, I went on a rampage and sat my ares on the floor and went thru every bloody LP this store had, looking for some labels I wanted to sample:
BASF/Harmonia Mundi, ERATO, 1960's DGG (I found a promo copy), Supraphon (Czech republic), Melodiya (USSR), ARGO...and also got a set of Telefunken stuff.
LP's I got...

1. Teldec DMM of Mozarts Horn Concertos

2. 3 Telefunken recordings of period instruments..Handel'd Trio Sonatas, Bach's Vioin Concertos, and Bach's Goldberg Variations.

3. Argo releases of Delius by the Academy of St Martin in the Fields (neville Marriner) and Handel's Music of the Royal Fireworks, also by the Academy of St Martin guys and Marriner directing.

4. Melodiya (USSR) Live recording of Richard Strauss's Ein Heldenleben, by the Moscow Radio Large symphony Orhestra, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, dir.

5. Supraphon label of Gustav Mahler's Symph #1, in D major. By the Czech Philarm. Orch, cond by Karel Ancerl.

6. DGG (1961) one the most substantial vinyls...of Felix Mendelssohn's Symph #4 and #5 by the berlin Philarm, Orch, dir by Lorin Maazel

7.Erato label (sealed), of Hector Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique by the Orchestre Philarmonique de Strasbourg, dir by Alain Lombard..

8. Basf/Harmonia Mundi of Baroque Instrumentals, Alarius-Ensemble, Brussels.
You've mentioned some good LP labels. As you continue to look for old LP's in good condition, keep your eyes open for releases on the Hungaraton, Lyrita, and BIS labels. There were many fine releases on these labels. (Hungaraton was sort of the sister label to Supraphon. Hungaraton was the state-sponsored label in Hungary, and Supraphon was the comparable label in Czechoslovakia -- both prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Based on my own experiences, I think the Hugaraton releases were generally superior to those on Supraphon.)

You will probably find the quality (both performances and pressing quality) varies quite a bit on the Melodiya label, so don't pay much for their LP's unless you have heard them first.

You may also encounter LP boxed sets that were released under the "Connoisseur Recordings" label -- there were some excellent performances which are well worth owning.
I dont recall the name, but there was one release by a Romanian label...

the Melodiya sounds quite subdued, but very smooth...I love the Supraphon and Erato( amazing dynamics and dead quiet background)...The Telefunkens sound a bit fwd and hard, as if recorded in a room to small. The DGG sounds very clear and dynamic but its a noisy vinyl i think,,,the DMM is a great production,,