new L100?

Anyone get a chance to take a listen to the (new) JBL L100 speakers?  If so, what are your thoughts?
 @mike_f  Please send me the RM-200 !!!!
this is a joke Audiogon moderator

LOL ! It’s a great amp !
A few years ago I had it updated to MK II status - (Had to keep the original chassis though) . I had a pair of Magnepan 3.6, and the RM 200 drove them very well. It’s a serious 100 watt tube amp with balls !! Can’t wait to see how the sound on the JBL’s ! 
kosst_amojan wrote
I’ve never heard them. I doubt I ever will. I think $4000 is a ridiculous price for rehashed nostalgia. I run across these and the 431X models a few times a year around town at record stores. They never made much impression on me.

Running $4000 through my favorite inflation calculator, you will find that $4,000 in 2019 is equivalent to $615.72 in 1970, the original year of release. The new L100 Classic features "improvements made to the transducers, enclosure tuning, and crossover network design."

So you could say they spent more money on design development and materials this time around, which could easily account for the small adjusted increase ($55) in the 2018 price over the original 1970 edition.
Well I took the plunge and bought a pair for a third system, and no regrets.  Bass is full (of course) but biggest surprise to me is the quality of the mid and tweeter sounds, plus the ability to image.  Running them with a 40/50 watt tubed amp, a nice pre with a vintage (1990) Proceed CD player, the original one.  Was in the closet for so very long, but still functions and sounds, well, pretty great to me.  Brings me much pleasure.  Similar reaction as mike_f above.  Not harsh, full.  Still breaking in, but I love them.  
Great for the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore.Lets rock and roll dudes!!!!!