New Kudos X2's defy odds?

Has anyone heard these new "lil" speakers out of England?
They're small, their footprint is tiny, yet they just bust forth with tight bass and image like a champ. I still can't get my head around them. Anyone? I asked earlier and didn't get much response, thought by now the word was getting out...
Take care
All the reviews I have read of their speakers have been good but no area dealers.
Yes, could be a british only thing. Hopefully only temporarily, I know there's a dealer in Austin- Whetstone. Good press coming from this past weekend from the Bristol show from across the pond.
Yes, Whetstone here in Austin has them. Maybe I'll mosey over there, give a listen and report back? :-)
Please, please do....thanks!
I'll try to get over there this week. He's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, but I'll look at my schedule and see what I can do. Never hurts to play a little hooky from work!
I'd also be very interested in your impressions
best regards