New Kudos X-2's anyone?

Oh my, what a listening session I had tonight, hearing the new Kudos X-2's. Newest speaker from Kudos out of England.
From such a diminuitive size comes such a big sound, and they throw such a big, seamless image. I couldn't get my eyes coordinated with my ears. After a while it didn't matter, the music was so good.
Anyone else hear them yet?
Where did you here them? Not heard any, but I am interested in Kudos speakers.
Contact Brian at Whetstone Audio in Austin.
They could be the answer for many who have to consider WAF/HAF, closeness to rear wall, taut tuneful bass, ease of movement due to size, and sheer greatness for the money.
Like the rest of you, I get my pompoms out when I really like something, but do yourself a favor if you're looking to spend $2495 ,or either direction of that, and go have a listen.
Take care
Hi Chas

Roughly, what size room did you listen to them in?
Hi Emil, I have a photo, not sure about posting it. As I mentioned to you earlier on pf, the room is quite large, with enormous ceilings. It can be a real speaker killer. However, these diminuitive X2's worked wonderfully well. I'm still in disbelief. We listened anywhere from 19 to 16 inches from the back wall, about 6 to 7 ft apart.
Simply stunning, and fun. Very open, yet detailed. And I first I thought the soundstage height would be too low, but it's not. It seems fine. Everything about them seems fine.
What amplfication/source were you running with them?
All out Leben seperates(40w amp), and then the new Audio Research digital integrated, which was still breaking in.
Naim XS has also been heard with these, and was said to be wonderful.