new kt 90s any good ?

I am wondering if anybody has heard the new EH kt 90 tubes, and are they any good. I have rogue audio m150s and they come with EH kt88s , but with the m180 upgrade they come with EH KT90s. how do they compare to sed kt88s ? or golden lion reissue kt88s ? thanks, Chris
Gold Lion, all others are back resting in their boxes.
I'm looking for a quad of Ei KT90's. I have heard these and I think they are some of the best tubes I have ever heard. The Gold Lions are supposed to be the cream of the crop. If I can't get a set of Ei KT90's I will go with the Gold Lions. I have heard the EH is repectable but not as good the Ei or the Gold Lions.

My 2 Cents Worth
Have you had any reliability issues with the gold lions ? Thanks, chris
hi, I can’t believe so few people have used or tried the new EH kt90s, It would boost the power of my Rogue Audio M150 monos from 150wpc to 180 wpc, which could be helpful since I use revel speakers, thanks for any advice, Chris
Well you can be the first. I've never heard the EH KT90, but have heard they pale in comparison to the EH KT88. My favorite octal power tube of all time was the Ei KT90, but they are long out of production and difficult to obtain at reasonable prices.
Chrissain,there's a lot more difference between the M-150 and M-180 than the tubes.I doubt you will get the results you are looking for by just adding the KT-90's.Just my thoughts.
I have the Rogue Cronus Magnum which comes with the EH KT90s - I haven't heard any other KT 90s so I can't offer a comparison, but they sound fine with the NOS tubes I have in the front end.

Magnum, if the above reference is to new issue Gold Lion KT 90s please advise where you purchased these as I haven't seen them any where?
I think the above reference was to gold lion kt88s, I dont think there is a gold lion kt 90. also does anybody know what used original GEC gold lion kt88s sell for ? used but still test strong ? thanks, chris